Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, my first post of 2008!  

I hosted my second Hen Party on the 5th, which went really well.  Over 2 hours of me talking chicken, can't be bad.  The weather held off for most of the day, but the quagmire of the chicken run was something else!  Luckily, I had started laying paving slabs down the day before, but more of that later! 

After an initial 'this is an eglu and this is how it works', I introduced the group to Laverne, Shirley, Winifred, Prudence and Elsbeth.  They were very shy.  The girls not the group.  One by one, with the aid of some mixed corn, they all came out to say hello..............Laverne first, bold as brass.  

Her reward was a quick cuddle with some of the group.  Shirley was next for a hug and was passed around like a well loved rag doll!  The others weren't having any of it and stayed clear, watching from afar. 

We then talked about general care and sat drinking tea and eating Jason's scones (well he made them they weren't his, you know what I mean).

Everyone was really nice and very keen to get chickens.   The attendees appeared to enjoy themselves.   Omlet should be getting orders for new eglus soon! *smile*
(Forgot to take pictures! Doh)!!!

Back to the slabs.  Mrs Frisby and the rats of Nihm is a book I read years ago.  Mrs Frisby, the field mouse has been mentioned by me before.  Her and her family live in my veggie garden. The rats are living under the shed I think.  These aren't ordinary rats, they are super clever, can't-be-caught hybrid rats.  
They refuse to be caught, so I have slabbed the whole area under the eglus, so they can't tunnel in.  I hope it works.  Fingers crossed.  

They didn't get in last night, but my garlic shoots took a munching instead.  Little buggers.

Jase is away at work for a couple of days, so I will blitz the house and generally tidy up.  Not that i need to do much.  My New Years resolution is still standing firm.  I am being tidy!

On my 3rd dvd for the evening and time to go now.

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