Saturday, November 06, 2010

Oops, I did it again....

I spent most of yesterday at the dining table sewing. The office is great for sewing, now that the desk is clear, but I had lots of things to do, so decided to take over the lounge/dining room. I started at 9am and by 6pm had nearly finished. I pushed the sewing machine away from me and felt a ping. Not a good ping. My back went into spasm and I couldn't move.

People complain about their backs and I had never really given it much thought, until 4 years ago after a very hard landing at work. I say landing, a controlled crash and whack into tarmac is more appropriate. I had around 8 weeks off at the time and my back has never been the same since.

I just take things easy, lift correctly and take pain killers when it is really bad - which luckily is rare. However, yesterday I was in absolute agony that it made me cry. I took some tablets (pain killers and anti inflammatory) and walked around with a hot water bottle tucked into my pj's. I couldn't sit, stand or do anything really. At a complete loss as what to do. Even deep breathing hurt and it was all too much. I just wanted it to end.

Called NHS direct only to be advised it would be a 4 hour wait for a nurse. Disgraceful. I hung up.
Going for a pee was interesting. Won't go into details, but never before has flushing the toilet caused me pain.

I stayed up until 1am as I was scared to go to bed. It also meant I could take more pain killers.

Thank goodness I woke up and things were looser today. My back is still tight, but no more shooting pain and I can move quite freely and pee when I want to! No more putting it off for fear of flushing!!

Mum and Dad came over today and bought me milk, as I had run out. The raspberry jam doughnut helped comfort me too. Dad filled up the coal bucket and emptied the bin for me. I daren't drive, just in case I have to brake suddenly and risk it kicking off again.

So today I cut out fabric toppers for spiced Christmas nuts and numerous jars of onion jam. Anything I can do standing up is fine. Sitting is still a problem, well, getting up again is! It is starting to tighten again now, so going to have a hot water bottle surgically attached to my back.

Elsbeth has started laying quite well - we've had 3 eggs so far this week. I filled up their food and grit today and noticed a grey tail feather. Looks like she has decided to moult now.

Pleased with the fair preparations. Lots done, but still more to do. Got a letter today confirming my table and position in the hall. Will give myself a break for a day or two and I don't want to push it. My first 'order' is ready to go and the second one is nearly finished.

Better make myself something to eat. Jacket potato and prawns I think. Then light the fire and chill out until J comes home.

C x x x


  1. Ouch! Hope you get better soon.

  2. I had the same thing with my back a few months ago. I was given Vallium (good stuff!)and told to rest for a week. It helped but a good Osteopath did the proper fixing. Hope it feels better soon.

  3. Get well soon Christian - sending hot water bottle wishes your way!

  4. Hope your back feels better soon x


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