Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A little update.

My back has been niggling me for a few days and today it came to a head. Really sore so I gave in and took tablets. A hot shower helped, but it started to seize up again shortly afterwards.

I spent today doing crafty things. I finished off my crayon rolls -

And the inside -

All the Christmas cakes are now wrapped and tucked away in the utility room until the fair.

Thinking of the fair, I wanted to do more gifts for gardeners as they proved popular last year. Having been into town yesterday and picked a watering can cookie cutter, I made some shortbread and decided to put them in a plant pot!

I made a little watering can tag to tie on the bag. I really like it. Have a few more pots, so will make 5 and see if they sell at the fair.

I also took a picture of the garden basket I bought at the antique's fair. Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

I think it'll look great filled with little gingham hearts or bags of sweets.

Jase made a double batch of onion jam today. He used the food processor to prevent any tears, but the fumes coming off 1.4kgs of onions had me sobbing! 9 more jars made though!!

More logs needed on the fire, so better see to it.

C x x x

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