Monday, November 01, 2010

It's dark out there.

Evening All!

I can't believe it is November already! That time of year when I plod around the house changing clocks, excited that Christmas isn't far away, but hating the short days.

I have been receiving complaints about not updating my blog, apologies! Lauren & Lottie! *wink*

Been busy today. Had a dental appointment at 11ish so left the house early and popped to the new Hobbycraft in Basingstoke as it was on the way. My dentist asked if I had given up smoking as my teeth were much cleaner than last time i went. I was honest and told her that I had a very good toothbrush. She asked if I flossed? Again, brutally honest, I floss like a lunatic a week before I am due an appointment!!
Let's just say that I had an expensive day. £70 at the dentist and *cough* rather a lot at Hobbycraft! It is safe to say that I was quite excited as I walked in the door. The Christmas fairies had stuffed the shop full and I wasn't sure where to begin. I got lots of bits to adorn Christmas pressies, just need a solid week to do it all. If you need baubles, just let me know.

Met Mum and Dad for lunch and headed off to an antique centre where I picked up a wire basket for holding, erm, stuff. Will look good on the stall. It was too nice to resist.

Got home around 3.30pm, via the garage. A light came on my dashboard and thought it best not to ignore it. After a reset and test drive, all is well and it didn't cost me a penny. Mind you, I have spent a fair amount on Mortimer the Mini there, but it was nice not to have to get my wallet out. Will take them some mince pies before Christmas as a thank you.

Right, fInished the last batch of mincemeat today. Another 11 jars and hopefully, that'll be it for this year. More mini Christmas cakes baked too.

All double wrapped ready to go in.

Little brown, boozy, gorgeous fruit cakes.

I'll wrap them up tomorrow and tuck them away in the cool utility room until needed.

The girls are fine, bald and patchy, but fine. We had an egg from Elsbeth this week. A tiny one, but an egg! I had to hang my head in shame in Waitrose. I bought eggs. 2 boxes as I need them for baking. Buying 3 boxes of eggs in 4 years isn't too embarrassing when you keep your own hens, is it? They aren't as nice. Pale yolks and watery whites. Our own eggs are better. Roll on spring when they start laying again.

Jase is due back tomorrow, early evening and then has 3 days off. I am really hoping to get the garden at least started. Was tempted to get a gardener in, but that would be cheating. Our garden isn't huge, but enough to keep my busy at the best of times. Horrendous when I let it slip.

Friends stayed at the weekend, hence me spending hours sorting out the office and making it habitable. It is now spotless and a pleasure to sit at the desk (which is solid wood, I had forgotten due to the amount of crap covering it) and get sewing done. I am trying to keep it that way. We will see.

I am exhausted. Been busy and need to go to bed. Been feeling much more tired than normal. I'm hoping it is just the weather and clocks going back and not the glandular feeling thing rearing it's ugly head. Anyway, off to bed now.

Night night!

C x x x


  1. Did you really have to tell me there is a hobbycraft in Basingstoke - for shame, I will have no pocket money left!

  2. Those mini christmas cakes look good,what a good idea.Hope you feel better now.


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