Thursday, November 18, 2010

The roster's are out!

Evening All!

Well, my back has survived the week. Day one at work was touch and go, but a spot of shopping in a craft shop, soon helped. ;0) I have discovered that I don't need to heated seats in my car. A hot water bottle wedged between me and the seat works wonders for the long drive to work. Beware though, when the stopper isn't in properly. Trust me.

Been busy today baking yet more mini Christmas cakes. I have sold so many at work that I was running out for the fair. 9 more made today, so will wrap those tomorrow. Ran out of dark brown sugar, so the Christmas puddings I was planning on making today will have to wait until tomorrow.

The egg drought has hit us. We had to buy a dozen yesterday. Yes, it is sad, but I need them with all the baking I'm doing. We obviously buy free range, but look at the colour of the yolks!
Elsbeth's is on the left.

My hens don't spend very much time on grass, as their chicken corner is now wood chippings, but I do give them fresh greens a few times a week. The colour isn't that clear in the photo, but the shop bought eggs are so pale. They are all well, feathers still dropping every so often, but they seem fine. The rain has turned their corner into a mini swamp, but their runs are still relatively dry.

Having watched Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall thingymabob on the tv making bread, I decided to bake bagels for the first time. Making a dough and then popping mini bagels in simmering water is really strange, but it worked well. Dipped in sesame and poppy seeds as a final flourish!

Jase very kindly bought me an advent calendar. Cadburys chocolate naturally. You have to have a chocolate one. Looking forward to December the first now!

The best news is that the December roster came out this evening and I am off for Christmas!! I can't believe it. Off from the 19th Dec - 02nd Jan. Woohooo. It means I can go to Scotland with Jase and spend Christmas up there. Not really looking forward to the drive, but Jase's car has heated seats which are the best invention for bad backs.

Just realised the time! It's nearly midnight so I'm off to bed!

Have a good weekend everyone.

C x x x

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  1. What a big difference between Elsbeth's egg and the shop bought one! I'm totally paranoid about buying eggs after that Happy Hen Co revelation and try to buy from fellow garden hen keepers or farm shops when I can. Hope you'll get some more eggs from your lovely girls soon! :)


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