Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baltic Thursday

It is perishing this morning! Woke up at 6am, Jase had left for work and I decided to get up and use the day wisely. Last day off before a 6 day block and a long list of jobs to do. It was -4 in the garden and felt only slightly warmer in the house. Heating is now on, despite being dressed for an Arctic expedition.

Popped outside and defrosted the girls' water. They seem less than impressed by the frost. Poor Agnes and Cornelia are bald as coots and must be cold.

They are not neglected hens! just typical that hens moult when it gets colder!

Made 9 jars of mincemeat yesterday and 8 jars of crabapple and clove jelly. The jelly is still liquid today, so will have to reboil it again later! Bugger. It is a beautiful clear amber colour and looks fab in the jar. Ho hum, that'll teach me to rush it.

Received an email yesterday asking me if I was interested in attending a local school Christmas fair? It is the week after the Weyhill fair, so will do it! Need to crack on with a few more crayon rolls and stockings I think. Just wish I could stop time and plod on at my own pace.

Crunchy frost in the garden and the sun is just coming up over the long field. Stunning. Might grab my camera and thermals and pop out to take a few pictures later. Once my list is finished.

So glad we had a log delivery. Winter has started properly here now. Loads of oil for the heating, logs and a full cupboard. Happy and content.

Have a good day!

C x x x

EDIT -been out dressed in my pj's!!

Frosty leaves on next door's wild roses -

The sun coming up over the field.

Stunning leaves on my blueberry bush.


  1. Moult or not, they still look beautiful! :) What breeds are they?

  2. The hen on the left is Agnes a Buff Sussex and Cornelia is on the left, a Barnevelder.

    C x x

  3. I love the last picture. What breed are your hens?

  4. I just love paying your blog a visit - you always make me smile

    Hope you are now on a rest period - if so - where are your photos LOL

    In the last couple of weeks I have bought another 6 bantams to add to my flock.

    See here

    I am stuck for a name for the Spotted (Millefleur) Belgium Barbu d'Uccle in the top post - any ideas? She is next to the Willow - the white one


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