Monday, December 01, 2008


Thank you to everyone who left nice comments on the last post. Really very nice of you all to be so kind. I still haven't watched it.

The countdown to Christmas is on!!!
After a quick dash to Scotland last week, dropping off presents for Christmas, normality has descended again. I have been busy getting the house ready (tidy) for Christmas. The office and spare room now have visible carpet and my mind is at peace with the state of the house. The decorations will go up this week, when we have bought a tree. The six footer that Jason would like won't fit into my Mini, so his car will be used. Let him find pine needles for the next 6 months. Hee hee.

Been busy making more candied orange sticks. They are drip drying in the utility room at the moment. I used 5 oranges this time, so there might be enough for my hampers. If I don't sample them first. I have iced some gingerbread biscuits ready to put on the tree and all of Jase's presents are wrapped and hidden away. Only 15 bags' worth of pressies left to do. Cards to write too. Arrrggghhh panic. Time is running out. If only I didn't have to work this month.

I drove into the local village today, after spraying febreeze on my car windscreen - mistaking it for deicer - and got my hair cut. Posted off the last of my Christmas orders. Still have a few puddings and cakes, but they are for friends and family. One or two to take into work and then I'm done. *smiles* Bought myself a chocolate advent calendar. Big kid at heart.

Will bake some mince pies and other festive goodies nearer Christmas.

Here is a little picture of one of the hampers I have done so far.

I wish I had taken a picture of it all wrapped in way too much ribbon and all things festive, but hey ho. Still have several more to fill, but the jam mountain will be reduced, as will the flavoured vodkas. Some things I won't add until just before Christmas.

Had a quick glance at Nigella's Christmas book today and was devastated that she has included the recipe for peanut butter cups. I had hoped that the recipe had vanished, as they are divine. Many a pound has been added to my stomach due to those little morsels. Will make some for the *cough* hampers!

It is perishingly cold at the moment. The weather station has struggled to get above 3 degrees C. It is good for killing the germs, but I am so cold. The fire is already lit and roaring. Will need to get some coal I think. It keeps the house warmer for longer. It is days like this that I wish we had a log burner, but I do love an open fire.

The new girls had their big day. Freedom. Agnes refused to leave the safety of the run, but Cornelia went up to Elsbeth bold as brass. I was most worried about Elsbeth as she can be a bully. My fears were unfounded. She ran a mile, honking like a goose. Coward. Winifred, top chook, was a little scared too. Pru paid no attention, chilled out like always. It was Laverne, bottom chook, that really went for it. She jumped on Cornelia, then hunted down Agnes in the run and went for her too. I was stood watching with a tub of mealworms and a broom at the ready. After a few squabbles they settled down and ate mealworms together.

I will let them out together every day now, so they get used to eachother. Relatively painless so far. Think the food helped.

Feeling very Christmassy tonight. Have Dean Martin playing on the ipod speakers and feel like I am getting there now. Most of the pressies are upstairs in several bags, just one or two to get. The annual wrapping festival can wait for a week or two. I have stockpiled brown paper, star anise, cinnamon sticks and more raffia than is humanly possible, so I should be ok.

Stay warm everyone.

C x x

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