Monday, November 24, 2008

Bows down to public demand

The very thought of it makes me cringe.  Been 'hassled' on the Omlet forum *wink* to post a you tube link to my tv appearance, so here you go.  I am hoping the site will crash!!  

In other news, I found a wonderful place today that sells cardboard hampers, 'nesting' material and all kinds of cellophane.  Can you believe I actually ran out of cellophane??  Unheard of.  Luckily it wasn't far from me, so I stocked up on bits and bobs and headed back home singing along to Christmas is NOT too early.  

Spent this evening making tags with my new glue gun, bay leaves and star anise.  Need to start wrapping the pressies for our trip to Scotland on Wednesday.  The Christmas collection blaring out of the ipod!!  Feeling very festive tonight.

I have got the melted glue off every surface in the kitchen now!  

Our oil is rapidly going down.  I am trying not to put the central heating on.  The blueness of my fingers determines whether I will or not.  Going slightly magenta now, so time to light the fire I think.  Hee hee.  

One egg again today.  Good ol' Pru.  Her feathers are a mismatch of new dark grey and last seasons sun bleached brown.  She is looking odd, but none of them are looking their best at present.  Roll on Spring. 

That's all for now.  Will post again soon, when I get a chance......ding dong merrily on high!
C x x 


  1. Oooh haven't you got a good soothing voice! Perfect for radio bedtime stories - about chickens of course! I think you should pitch a chicken hour to Radio 4! That was a very good piece of telly.

    Anna x

  2. Fantastic telly! You are a natural - I'm writing to the BBC to get insist on Chicken Christian as a rival to Hugh F-W!


    love Suzanne

  3. Love the clip! Great to put a face to the name too. I thought that was an excellent segment, I agree you should definitely get your own show, you're a natural presenter!

  4. Thank you for posting it! I really enjoyed watching and seeing you. It was very good.

  5. Brilliant - Thank You for posting was worried I'd miss it!

    Move over Barbara and Tom!


  6. Loved it! Thank you for sharing it -- exactly how everyone here feels about our two hens. My mistress swears the hens are easier pets than me, but I'm having none of it!

  7. This is a great interview and clips of the "girls" - hens are definitely populating the urban area now, thumbs up!

  8. Absolutely fabulous. Everyone should have hens in the garden. I agree, you are a natural presenter I could have gone on watching those chooks for ever.

    Shirley Belt.

  9. I love those chickens that you have! I wonder when eglu will decide to open up in New Zealand???

  10. I LOVE your little video...... I have 3 chickens (Janet who we found just walking around outside our junior school - so I picked her up and tucked her under me arm and bought her home) and Mabel (who just turned up in our back garden one sunday morning, have no idea where she came from) and Cedric (who was my friends cockeral and her neighbours complained so he came to me).... Mable has just hatched an egg.... come over to Twaddle and have a read :)....

    Now Im gonna get me cuppa tea and scroll back on your blob and have a right proper read..


  11. Great Clip... Like you we have the chickens and the eglu and live the rural life, however unlike you we would never have the time you have to make all those wonderful bits and bobs so really admire you for that!!


    Deddington, Oxon


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