Monday, December 29, 2008

Fluffy bums....

Baltic is hardly the word for it. It is freezing outside with temperatures struggling to get above 3C!! I popped outside to collect eggs (or should that be egg *rolls eyes*) and my fingers are frozen solid. We now have the heating on all the time and are going through the oil. We will have to get a top up sometime in the new year - at least the price is coming down slowly.

Elsbeth is still halfway through her moult and hasn't laid for a couple of weeks. She is two-tone still, but her new grey/black feathers look beautiful. You can see her old brown feathers on her back still.

Agnes has laid all week and is always in the nest box first thing when they are let out. She is getting big now and her comb is starting to 'flop' over!!

No sign of eggs from Cornelia yet, but her comb is still quite small (Agnes' fluffy backside in the background)

Laverne is still picking on them, but not quite as much as before. They are learning to avoid her now.

I really should go into Town and take a look around for sale bargains. I can't face it though. Having absolutely no cash isn't helping either. I do need to control my spending next year. That will be a New Years resolution.

A friend said he would help me set a website to sell my Christmas cakes/puds and Farm Cottage wares, next year, so that might earn a few extra pennies. I have received lots of very positive feedback from the people that I posted out things out to. Everyone loved my Christmas puddings (even those that don't like them normally).

Everything has gone up so much in price recently, looks like we will be shopping in Asda rather than Waitrose from now on.........!

I was surprised by the comments about the hampers. One friend said I was wasted and should sell complete hampers next year as they were so lovely. Maybe I will, if I can source slightly smaller boxes.

I planted several pots of mini daffodils and hyacinths to give away for Christmas but still have a couple of pots left. The flowers are just starting to open. They are called tete a tete and are so tiny!

Just been outside to fill the log basket and the frost is still on the lawn. It has been there for 3 days now. METCHECK is saying it will be minus 4 tonight, with the wind chill it'll feel like -7!!! The girls water is topped up, but will get a jug ready for the morning, to defrost the glug drinkers. They will be locked up tonight.

Off to lock the chickens in now. The sun is setting and the temperature is already 0C. Time to light the fire and get snuggled down for the night.

C x x x

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