Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He is nearly here.........

Only a few hours to go until Father Christmas visits Farm Cottage! I am so excited. Jase thinks I am mad. He is probably right. :0)

I still have a few presents to wrap which I'll do this evening. We have had our festive dinner of fish fingers, chips and peas and the fire is roaring.

A couple more pictures of my final hampers fillers. They look and taste really nice and it was well worth going cross eyed, dribbling melted white chocolate on each one, cutting up miniscule pieces of cherry and angelica!

Ready for the close up!

In their little tins

Disaster struck at 11.30 last night when I decided to make a quick batch of gingerbread men. NO GROUND GINGER!! I was horrified. Against my better judgement I HAD to drive to T...TES...I can barely type it. You know the shop. I haven't been for nearly two years as I can't stand the way they are taking over the Country. Anyway, I went as it was the ONLY shop around here, open at midnight. Luckily it was empty (unlike Waitrose yesterday)!

I came home and had a good wash to cleanse my system.
We now have a gingerbread man army in the kitchen. The recipe made a massive amount of dough, so I gave some to next door and put the rest in the freezer.

Agnes gave us another perfect little egg this morning. Only her and Winifred are laying, Elsbeth and Pru and definitely looking bedraggled with their moults and stopped laying a few days ago. Cornelia is still a little too young and Laverne is too busy tormenting the new girls and squawking.

I dropped off the hampers to my neighbours this afternoon and Jase delivered the last of the presents to a friend. Very chilled out affair this afternoon and evening. TV is shocking for Christmas eve and we ended up watching Ghostbusters on UKTV Gold!

Right, time to get into my bed time attire and finish wrapping. Throw another log of t'fire and enjoy the peace. Not forgetting to leave out a mince pie, carrot and a glass of something nice by the fire.........

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thank you for following my little life in the country!

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  1. Happy Christmas to the both of you and thanks for a year of great reading! I too was very interested in the puddinis - will be making those myself next year.
    Caro xxx


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