Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nearly finished wrapping....

Only a few days to go until father Christmas comes down the chimney, so time for a festive update I think!

Monday - Jase came out of hospital!!! No face furniture, just a bag of pain killers, a doctor's note for 4 weeks off and instructions to take it easy.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - up at 3am EVERY day for work, quick Brussels flight and a Copenhagen and back on my last day. At 1 o'clock on Friday, I drove home relieved that it was all done and dusted for the year. I am now back on the 6th January, but am not thinking about it!

The festivities are in full swing now. I had a major baking session yesterday.

Nigella's Christmas puddini bon bons!

Peanut butter cups for my Niece and Nephew -

Pistachio and cashew nut brittle -

Chocolate fruit and nut puddles

They are tucked away in the fridge fighting for space. I have hamper fillers everywhere! Seem to have misplaced the spiced cranberry vodka, but it will turn up I'm sure. Once Tuesday comes, I will assemble everything and probably need to get bigger baskets/boxes!

The biggest news this week is that Agnes laid her first egg today. Jase found it in the nest box this morning! Small and perfectly formed, bless her. She is always squatting when I go near her, so an ideal opportunity to pick her up. Trying to get her tame like Winifred, so she can be handled at hen parties in the Spring.

Jase is still a little spaced out after the surgery, but hopefully will be back to his old self soon. He has been through so much over the past two years. The massive change in lifestyle, from long haul to short haul, taking tablets every day and having to adapt to his 'new' life must be difficult. I can't imagine how he feels, but he knows I am always there for him, even when I appear stroppy and frustrated. I love him dearly. I hope we will have a wonderful Christmas and pray (not that I am remotely religious, will probably be struck down for even typing that), 2009 will be better for us both.

Time to finish the last of the presents for a trip to Kent to see my Gran tomorrow. Have a small box of puddinis in the fridge that I MUST remember to take with me. Will probably forget!!

Speak soon

C x


  1. Yay! Good news and good cooking!

    Anna x

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you,Jase and all the girls!

    Thanks for your fantastic blog! Always a pleasure!

    lots of love



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