Tuesday, December 09, 2008

All's quiet in the chicken house....

Hello All!

Been non stop this week. Generally preparing for Christmas and trying to get organised. I have spent a fortune on ribbon in 'The Range' - a shop too good for words. Lots of crafty stuff at bargain prices, I find it hard to resist.

Jase is going to hospital tomorrow to have his benign tumour removed from his brain. It was removed once already in January last year, but it is back. He will be in for a few days, but hopefully out soon, to spend Christmas at home. I bought him some worry dolls to take with him and I have one too. Daft as a brush I know, but that's me. Mad as a bag of frogs apparently.

The big news this week is the harmony between Agnes, Cornelia and the Big Girls. They are let out first thing and all seems well. I am glad. Was so worried they would be picked on. Only Laverne has issues with them now and they are starting to stick up for themselves a little. We still separate them at night, so they sleep in their own eglus.

Winifred finally laid an egg yesterday after several weeks off lay. Her feathers are all back and I wasn't expecting an egg until Spring......Good girl!

Finally finished the Christmas shopping yesterday. Only a few hundred presents to wrap now. Not sure when I will find the time, although I do love wrapping. I wonder if I can be a professional wrapper?? Worth a thought!! The parcel paper, ribbon and tags are all waiting. Will light the fire one night soon and begin. It has to be done at night. Carols on the ipod speakers. Fire lit. It is the law. In my world anyway.

Freezing here in Duesseldorf this evening. Sat here with a hot water bottle on my lap. Early to bed for me as have to be up at 4am tomorrow. *Yuck* I did manage to pop out to the supermarket and pick up a few stocking fillers. Plus 3 tubs of goose fat. Don't ask.

Started writing my Christmas cards at 1pm and am nearly finished. Not my favourite job in the world. Really should make a list of the ones I have written before I post them off. Every year I get that sinking feeling that someone has been forgotten. *shock*

Time to top up my hot water bottle......

C x x x


  1. *hugs* to you Christian, I'll be thinking of you and Jase tomorrow. All the best to you both. Hazel xx

  2. I hope everything goes well for Jase tomorrow. Best wishes to you both.

  3. Just wanted to wish Jason and you the best of luck and to thank you for keeping me going through a long hard pregnancy and many sleepless nights afterwards! My son was born 7 weeks ago and reading your blog really kept me going. We had very similar plans to your "good life" - slightly postponed due to Jack's arrival but we should be on track again next year. Ever thought of turning your blog into a book????
    Thanks Caroline

  4. Thinking of you both and sending healing vibes.

    Luv and Very best wishes.

    Good luck to the sweet Caro and her small one as well.


  5. Hope Jase's op went ok - let us know how he is, please.


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