Thursday, June 07, 2007

What a Week!

Been really worried about the two girls this week. The tablets are huge, so we decided to grind them down and sprinkle the 'dust' into their pellet mash. They now get 2 bowls a day instead of just one in the evening! They seem to be enjoying the extras! We have to separate Shirley so she doesn't get the antibiotics. She gets her own bowl. Spoilt chickens. They are both doing really well and BIG NEWS, Laverne has laid TWO proper eggs, even though the vet said she would probably never lay again and Babs is back to her old self again :0)

On Tuesday night we decided to have a chinese as it was easy and it had been a long day. About 8pm Jase said he felt really bloated and sick. By 9pm he was lying in the lounge, really in pain. I called NHS direct and they advised me to call an ambulance! I rallied the neighbours round to wait at the bottom of the lane, as we are quite remote here. The paramedics eventually turned up and we were whisked away to hospital.

After several jabs of morphine he felt so much better and the Doctor advised that he has damaged his stomach lining with the new tablets he has to take. He was discharged and we got a taxi home about 1.30 in the morning. The taxi driver thought he was Jensen Button and i'm sure he fell asleep a couple of times! We made it home in one piece.

I was so worried about him. He never takes tablets for a headache so I knew this was bad! I really felt for him.

On a positive note, we ate the first lettuce, well first anything, from the veg garden today!!! :0)

I never thought lettuce could taste so good!

I had another physio appointment today. She commented on my 2 tone arms! Cheeky mare. Apparently I have a lot of tension in my neck. 'Are you suffering any stress at the moment'?? Err yes, You could say that! I left feeling better. Think the almond oil massage helped.
A difficult week but we are getting there slowly. 'Life is a jobby sandwich' as someone once said!

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  1. Your own produce tastes better than anyone elses ever could

    Glad Jase is feeling better - what a scare!


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