Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Garden Update

I had my last physio appointment today, no comments about my two-tone arms, and was sent away with exercises to strenghten my back muscles. Popped to the market in Andover on my way home and bought some bits and pieces. When I got back to the car park, a beaten up old transit van was parked next to me. The passenger smoking a dubiously long, hand rolled cigarette! The side door opened and 8 'New Age Summer Solstice supporters' (or hippies for the un-pc) fell out, followed by several empty beer cans and bottles!!! They were trying to scrape 60p together to pay for the car park. Bless 'em! I still had time left on my ticket, so I gave it to them, to which I received thanks and eternal peace!

Got home to find Jase in hyper-mode, hoovering the whole house. The spiders webs were everywhere and having a spider phobia, he probably wasn't the best person to do it! Needless to say the hoover bag ended up in the bin. Not too sure how many spiders he hoovered up!

Its been raining on and off for a few days but the garden is loving it! The beans are getting really tall and i have picked 4 bunches of sweetpeas already!

Still lots more to plant though (sorry, turn your head sideways)!!

Some of the rocket I planted had gone to seed, but the girls tucked in!

We visited Annie & Jonnie the other day, to visit their new ex-battery hens! They were pretty well feathered and all had fantastic character! Jase suggested we get an eglu cube! *faints in shock*

We have a long stretch of garden along the side of the house, on a bank with a few 'wild' shrubs. It is a bit of a wasted area, so we are thinking of levelling it and putting the cube and a greenhouse (yay)! there........just need to find someone to do it!

Poor Babs is sooo scruffy due to her moult, she looks a bit like a fluffy umbrella at the moment! Still no eggs from her, but she is well in herself and thats the main thing. If (when) we get more hens the pressure will be off the other girls and I might be able to sell some!

Just sorting out winter, (yes Winter!) leave for work, trying to organise time off for the summer too and Jase has booked the Eden Project in Cornwall!!!!! I have wanted to go there for years. 13th August for 2 days staying in a nearby hotel. Only a couple more weeks until we go to Portugal for a week. Our first proper holiday together. Hope we don't kill each other!!!!!!

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