Friday, June 15, 2007

Home again, but not for long!

Just back from a 3 day Duesseldorf/Vienna trip! Quite nice, just chilled out and read my new book c/o AnnieP!
Jase is away for 3 days now but we managed to see eachother briefly!

I got home at 11.30 this morning and went straight out (in the rain) to see the girls. Babs is looking really tatty, and has lost more feathers! They are everywhere but I can see new ones growing through already. Laverne and Shirley have been laying well, such a shame we can't eat Laverne's eggs for another few days (due to the antibiotics).

The sweetpeas and beans are huge, amazing what the rain has done for them. The rest is coming along nicely! Will post pics next week on my part time week.

They have given me a Moscow and back tomorrow! BOOOOOOOOO! I check in at 07.40 and finish at 19.15!!!!!! At least I am off for a week after that. 200 miserable russians, drinking their own vodka and trying to have a sneaky fag in the toilets! I can't wait.

Off to tuck the girls in bed now and then a M & S blueberry and blackberry fruity dessert with a cuppa!
*less than 1% fat, other desserts are available*

Night All!

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  1. You have had me really laughing out loud - I have a vivid imagination - a plane full of Cossack clad people with a fog haze above them of smoke - lolling around arms hanging over the arm rests blocking the aisles - some singing raucously - shame you can't take photos of your passengers LOL

    Lottie aka Dilly


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