Sunday, June 24, 2007

Its Raining, Its Pouring!

Woke up late yesterday, head like a badger in a tumble dryer. Rushed around like a lunatic, getting ready to drive down to Kingston Lacy House in Dorset, to meet up with the Omlet forum pals.
Luckily Jase drove in the 4x4 as Mortimer the Mini would not have coped with the flash floods and lakes through Salisbury! I've only ever seen rain like it in Thailand (monsoon season).
We arrived late and raced to the entrance as had to pee! £10 later and bladders empty (we had to pay to get into the grounds), we saw a group of soggy people huddled under a nearby tree. After saying hello, the heavens opened and we made a dash for the car. All headed back to Mel's house nearby! It was really nice putting faces to names and wish I could have stayed longer.

Was up at 5am this morning, squeezed into my freshly dry cleaned uniform and headed for work. The flight to Prague was uneventful and i'm sat in my room with peanut butter rolls, a book on chickens and a mug of hot chocolate. What more do I need? Will be in Oslo tomorrow night, just 14 hours (which is enough if you ask me).

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