Sunday, October 03, 2010

Should I build an ark?


Sorry I haven't blogged since the fair. Woke up on Monday and felt like death warmed up. Cheese grater throat, headache and runny nose. Not the best look, but had to go back to work on Tuesday and only just finished my working block. I now have 10 days off, the joys of part time! Still blocked up and achy, but getting better.

Ok, so the fair went well and was quite busy, but I have realised that people are being careful with money at the moment. I did make a fair bit, but have lots of things left, so am definitely attending the Christmas fair at the end of November *smiles* One lady was very interested in everything I had and we started chatting, she said she couldn't think about Christmas until at least November and was hoping that I would be back for that fair. I do see her point. I had a few Christmas things out, but jams and things are seen as hamper fillers apparently, so didn't sell too well this time.

I am planning to make up a few mini hampers, with jams and candles wrapped up nicely. That way people don't have to worry about putting a hamper together, I will do it for them!

Ok, the stall. Two tables this year, which gave me much more space. I decided to have a 'Christmas corner' at one end.

My wood working skills came into practise and I cobbled together a stand to display the shopping bags. With enough bags on it, you couldn't see the bodge job I made putting it together.

The crayon rolls proved to be popular and I will make some more for the Christmas fair.

The Scottie dog brooches that I made last time were mounted onto small parcel tags and proved very popular, everyone was picking them up and looking. Not many sales, but they take so long to make, I am not prepared to sell them for nothing. I put some business cards into an old plant pot and lots were taken!

Sunday was definitely busier and I made quite a few sales. The rest of the stall holders were lovely inside the Hall and many bought things from me too. I sold so many oat biscuits and fruit cakes after Yvonne and Jase thought to put out samples. Saw some 'old' friends who returned to visit me too! *wink*

My stall was next to Mad Maggie and her plastic bag weaving equipment! I also had my tarot cards read, and she was very good without being too vague about things. It would seem I need to be more confident in what I do and maybe consider teaching! Now there's a though........

Ricky and Janet from Quilter's dream popped in and made the huge mistake of telling me they would soon be stocking East of India ribbon! Noooo, I do not need more ribbon.

Anyway, it is pouring with rain today and has been for a couple of days. The roads are flooded and it doesn't seem to want to stop. The chicken area is a swamp, which is irritating as the plan was to clean out the whole area this week. They aren't huge fans of the rain and are spending most of their time hiding in the run. Pru hasn't laid for a couple of weeks, but is losing feathers, ready for her winter coat! Jase is back to work on Tuesday for 5 days, and I have lots to get on with. A few more orders to complete, namely a tea cosy, and a couple of ipod covers. Plus a few small Christmas puddings to steam.

I forgot to post pictures of my borlotti beans which did well this year. All dry and ready to add to winter stews! I love their unusual colours.

Now that October is here, I have started thinking about Christmas. Not that it takes much to get me festive. I have a few idea about what to get people, but am struggling with one or two. The same as every year!
I picked up my Christmas book again and looked through the pages. The wrapping ideas are so nice and get me in the mood. I think a few home made presents will go down well again this year. At least I enjoy making them.

Jase's Sister and Brother in law are coming down from Scotland next weekend, so need to get the house ready and do some serious blitzing of the dust bunnies! The lounge is nearly free from fair related fabric and sewing machine bits, but the odd loose thread is still to be found on the carpet/sofa/cushions/kitchen!

Thanks for all the lovely comments and well wishing for the fair!

C x x


  1. Fantastic borlotti beans! Mine werent good this year, Im afraid.

    And Hello - I just started following your blog!

  2. The tarot lady was right - you should have a lot of confidence in yourself. You make such lovely stuff and are so thoghtful about your family Christmas presents. I find you really inspirational and since I've been following your blog I have bought a sewing machine ( although we don't get on too well at the moment!) and hand-sewn lots of small gifts. Thanks Christian and keep it up! love Suzanne xxx

  3. Well done on your stall,it looks great,good luck witht the christmas one.Love the things you make.


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