Friday, October 08, 2010

It hurts

Hello there!

After I woke up to a glorious day yesterday, put on my old jeans and tshirt, I headed out to the chicken area with spade in hand. I put up the netting in the back garden and opened the little door for the hens to escape. They seemed happy digging in the lawn, although Jase wasn't!

After a few hours of moving eglus and runs, scraping up old droppings mixed with aubiose, I was nearly done. 6 bags of the finest chicken muck you could want! I put most of it in 2 raised beds ready for next years pumpkins and courgettes, the rest is bagged up ready for freecycle.

When the runs had been sprinkled with powdered disinfectant and refilled with fresh bedding, I dug over the soil part and knackered my back! A couple of bags of woodland chippings and the hens were back in.

Spotless eglus and runs (not for long)!

Agnes decided to watch the action from the top of the dust bath house -

The third lot of washing is in the machine as I was running out of pants. Cannot understand that commando thing! House is relatively tidy, Just the last few bits of fabric to find a home for and the fire place to clean. I want to bake some biscuits tomorrow, so we have a plentiful supply in the house for our guests, and need to bake some scones for my chicken course on Sunday.

My back is really sore, but a few hours of pain are worth the end result. The hens are happy scratching around, exploring the new perches I put up. A couple in each run and a few in the privet bush in their corner of the garden. I have a corn on the corn to hang up for them later.

Eggs have really dropped this week and we have only had 3 so far. Appalling from 4 hens. Pru hasn't laid for 2 weeks as she is moulting and Agnes is looking a bit moth eaten today. Her orange feathers show up really well against the wood chippings, so I guess that she is moulting too.

Autumn is definitely here. The trees are turning shades of amber and gold, and evenings are getting colder. My pumpkin is finally starting to change from green to orange, slowly!

The veggie garden is looking tired, but still getting lots of raspberries every day. I have a large bag of them in the freezer to add to desserts later in the year. I might even make more jam with them? Think I will have to leave the big garden clean up until later this month. My back cannot cope with it today.

I cooked another few Christmas puddings the other day. I think everyone is starting to think about Christmas, as I have had a few orders in already.

This one is wrapped and ready to go!

Pretty isn't it? Makes a lovely present in my opinion. *grins*

Now, need to crack on and get the lounge tidy. Will not be doing any lifting or hoovering today. Might do a bit of sewing if I can sit down for long enough.

Bye for now.

C x x

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  1. Hey Chris,

    have to say my friend, your stall looks just wunderbar, so schoen aber auch!!!
    I am sure you sold many items and I hope that you will make good business in the future.
    I am on my off days here, had a block of 5 at work so I am feeing real tired. I know know just how you feel with your sore back as I have one too ..... been in the garden all day to get stuff sorted for the colder time of the year, I loved it but feeling sad at the same time as I can't spend as much time in the garden as I am used to ..... never mind the autumns colours are just lovely!!!!
    Anyway sure I will speak to you soon .... ta ta XX


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