Friday, October 08, 2010

The Scout motto?

You know when you start surfing the tinterweb and before you know it you are looking at sites that are fascinating. I started reading survival forums and websites today. It was amazing what some people are preparing for. The term 'preparedness' was banded about and I am still not sure if it is a proper word or grammatically correct, it just sounds wrong. According to my online Dictionary - a state of readiness, esp. for war : the country maintained a high level of military preparedness. So there you go, it is a word. Still odd.

The long term weather forecast is for another very cold winter. How they can tell is beyond me, but I do love a panic theory!

Anyway, I am not planning to dig an underground storm shelter, board up the windows or start wearing camouflage tops and combats, but I started thinking about snow. That is the kind of eventuality I am planning for. When the snow hit in February this year, we had no vegetables in the house. I know that veg isn't high on a list of priorities and normally I wouldn't be that bothered, but when you haven't got any, you crave them. A bit like chocolate.

The country came to a stand still. People were panic buying, (what is it with wanting 14 loaves of bread)?? and generally things started to go wrong. We are quite remote here, only a few miles from a small town, but with country lanes on both sides, we are snookered when it comes to deep snow. We have lots of logs (delivered this week and all neatly stacked), candles stashed everywhere and a camping gas stove in case of power cuts (we don't have gas here).

I am not that concerned about food, we usually have a fair amount in the house. The tin cupboard will ensure we are ok. Although not quite sure how chickpeas, dried porcini mushrooms and Ambrosia custard will work out, but we'll manage.

In February, there were reports of drivers stuck on the M3 overnight. That is a 30 minute drive from us!! *shock*. It got me thinking, what if we got stuck in the car? I insisted that Jase keep a blanket in his car and he now has a pair of decent boots in there too.
I have hidden a small plastic box in my car, containing 2 emergency space blankets, 2 bottles of water, cigarettes and lighter (don't judge me), a first aid kit, HUGE bar of dairy milk (obviously), torch, blanket, scarf, gloves and a hat. I'm ready!

I spent today tidying the lounge and trying to find a home for metres of fabric. I managed, but don't open any cupboards for fear of avalanche!

Mum and Dad are popping over tomorrow, so will bake some biscuits in the morning. Didn't feel like it today as was too busy dusting the wooden blinds in the spare room. What a horrible job that is. Which is why they were so dusty; I never do it.

Time for bed now, after a pretty lazy day I am exhausted!

Night night,

C x x x

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