Monday, May 03, 2010

Barbed wire throat

Feeling icky today. It isn't often that I feel this rough, but woke up at 6am with a sore throat this morning. Felt like a dagger wedged in my tonsil. Jase was up early for work and pestered me to call the Doctor. Not so easy on a Bank holiday, but managed to see an emergency Doctor a few miles away.

Definitely tonsillitis, so 4 tablets a day for 7 days. Swallowing is hard enough! Lots of piping hot tea and fluids and I should be fine again soon. Managed to suck a brioche roll for breakfast this morning, took me 40 minutes!

Thought a mini jaffa cake would be easier, but alas no. Have been out and bought low calorie berry sorbet to ease my throat and a tub of strawberries and cream, full fat ice cream for when I need comforting!!
Hoping to lose some weight - 3 stone by Friday would be good - as tea is about the only thing I can swallow. Picked up an industrial amount of Strepsils, to tide me over.

Am supposed to be back at work tomorrow, but will see how I feel. If it is anything like today, then I won't be going in.

Next door's bantams are fine, Lavender is still broody and bok boking like a banshee, every time I shove her off the nest. Gave them a clean out today. Ours are fine too, 3 eggs today, none from Cornelia but that is the norm now. When we do get an egg it is even more exciting!

After gorging on far too many M&S avocado and feta salads, I have now written down the ingredients to make my own. The one thing I didn't have was pea shoots. Not anymore!

I simply planted loads of seeds in a pot and left them on the window sill. 2 weeks later, it is full of delicious pea flavour (funny that) greens! I keep walking past a picking a few shoots. Jase likes them too, so have planted up another pot full.

Fire is stacked ready for later and tempted to get into bed time attire. Can pop over to next door's dressed like that and no one will see me! Thinking a quiet chill out time this evening.

Bye for now.

C x x x

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