Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little green shoots

Good evening everyone!

Another day spent pottering around in the garden as it was a lovely out there. Did another chicken course and that went well. I did shock them all by wearing shorts, but summer is here after all. Any excuse to try and turn my milk bottle white legs a nicer shade. Cornelia was a star and was passed around without too much fuss! Agnes decided to flap around, but to my surprise, Elsbeth was quite content having a cuddle. That is a first!

After two weeks, my courgette seeds have finally broken through. Might not be the most exciting picture I have posted, but when you plant a tiny dry seed and watch it emerge into a tiny plant, I can't help but marvel *smiles*

Having transplanted my spinach, to make way for the tatties, I caught the sparrows trying their luck. Now safely protected by a couple of bamboo cloches!

The free tomato seeds I got with a magazine are doing ok. I usually buy in tomato plants, but grew them all from seed this year. Perfect little plants. Mum will be getting a couple and I'm sure next door would appreciate some.

Talking of sparrows, or should that be larks?, I am up with them tomorrow, A nice early flight to Aberdeen for the night and will then be flying to Stockholm with Jase as we have a trip together on Monday!

Heard from a good forum friend tonight, have been worried about her, so glad to hear that she is ok. Time passes so quickly and before you know it, it is days or weeks and things keep plodding on as normal.

My hayfever is still playing up but getting better. Not sure if the daily elderflower intake is working but will keep drinking it. Will have to smuggle some into my liquids bag to take with me to work. At least Kleanex is profitting from my runny nose.

Sat here watching Lord of the Rings for the hundredth time. Wish I lived in Hobbiton! Such wonderful little underground houses. Eco living at it's finest.

Blimmin' freezing tonight. Was tempted to light the fire, but refuse to put the heating on until late autumn now. Maybe if I had finished my quilt, that would keep me warm, but it is sat on the table still needing to be wadded (?),backed and bound. I will get it done as have worked really hard on it so far.

Sleepy vibes are calling me now, need to be up at 5am. Hideous time of day. At least it is starting to get lighter in the mornings, so not such a shock to the system. Travel mug of tea for the journey, set up by the kettle. One thing about earlies is that you do become very organised and can stumble out of the house quite quickly!

Night night,

C x x x

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  1. You certainly would feel the difference in temperature up in aberdeen and unable to think of shorts just yet!


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