Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quilting Kraut *wink*

Last week was pretty much a write off, as I was under strict instructions from the Doctor (and Jase) to take it easy. Not possible for me I'm afraid which is probably why I ended up with tonsillitis in the first place.
Spent my time pottering around, which is my favourite pastime. Manged to get a few bits of sewing done though!

A little car pencil case with button wheels -

A new tea cosy and matching egg cosies -

I have been thinking about the Michaelmas fair at the craft centre and realised it is only a few months away, so got cracking on things for the stall.

Little tote bags -

and a more flowery one.....

I went down to the craft centre and had a chat with one of the ladies that runs a shop there. They have 2 shops available at the moment (I say 'shop' - I think they are all converted stables)! All really prettily done with wooden shutters in different colours and tubs of flowers outside.

I would love to run my own shop, but can't see a way to do it at the moment. Such a shame as the rent is quite reasonable, but need the security of my current job. Maybe one day? Anyway, we got chatting and she mentioned a quilting shop just a few miles down the road. I couldn't believe my luck! Acres of beautiful fabrics and a quilt stretching service! Have booked in for next week to get my quilt laid out perfectly with wadding and backing, to tack in place. Really excited that it will be done soon. It has been sat on the dining table for weeks taunting me.

The lady that works there is German, so we had a very long chat about food, Christmas markets and gravy! Yes, gravy. Best not to ask.

They also run quilting classes as well as other fabric related stuff, so might book in for a class or two! I have a strange feeling that I will be a regular visitor.........

In Milan at the moment and just back from a lovely meal with the crew. All older, experienced people who are a joy to fly with! We are off to Stockholm for the night tomorrow and then I have 10 days off!!!!

After scraping the windscreen this morning, I am hoping that is the last frost, as my runner beans are reaching for the sky and need planting out. Tomatoes are doing well too and have flowers on my pea seedlings. They all need to go out asap. The sweetcorn on the other hand is pathetic, so have bought another packet of seeds and will try again.

The girls are all well and laying ok. They are being wormed at the moment, so less treats and that always puts them in a bad mood. I think they are withholding eggs until they see green veg again.

Off to bed in a sec as up again at 4.30 tomorrow morning.

Sleep well everyone.

C x x x

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