Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tea for two?

Got up at 5am this morning, ready for work. Had a coughing fit which felt like my tonsils were being ripped open *sorry, way too graphic*, so decided to call in sick.

Been popping the antib's all day but my throat feels worse, so copious amounts of tea and trips to the toilet! I'm not one to sit and do nothing, so as Mum had fixed my new sewing machine, now affectionately names Doris, I gave her a trial run.
What do you think?

Have loads of that Laura Ashley gingham fabric left, after making some egg cosies and thought a matching tea cosy would look good. It is getting lots of use today!

The hens need cleaning out, but don't have the energy. Had an Elsbeth egg already early this morning, Cornelia sat on the nest with Agnes watching and chatting. Pru was on the other nest, so maybe another 4 egg day? Am tempting fate, I know.

Off to finish my book now........

C x x x


  1. Get well soon, Christian! ...and whatever you do, don't stop blogging - you always cheer up a dull day.
    xxxxx Suzanne xxxxx

  2. Nice cosy, love that !




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