Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Chicken Whisperer

Monday didn't start too well. I woke up feeling the worst I have ever felt. Tight throat again and the same hacking cough, but pain further down my throat. Then I tried to talk. And couldn't. Now you have to understand, some people are quite quiet and can happily plod through life without too much conversation. I am NOT one of those people. A quick phone call is always an hour. My 2 hour chicken courses last at least 2 1/2 hours. You catch my drift? Hee hee.

So, I resorted to a croaky whisper. After lots of help from Jase and (the internet is amazing, if a little scary), Laryngitis was diagnosed. Rest, no caffeine (which includes diet coke, could things get any worse)???, no talking, no smoking, lots of fruit tea (makes me heave) and more rest. By Monday afternoon I called the Doctor's and had a very quiet conversation with the receptionist. The Doctor was busy, but managed to call me back and spoke to Jase, who went through my symptoms. Yes, Laryngitis. No antibiotics as it is viral and wouldn't do any good.

By Wednesday, my Birthday, I felt better but was talking in a voice akin to Barry White. Woke up to a blackberry and nettle tea (heave) and opened my pressies! Determined to not let it get me down.

Jase got me lots of dvds, mainly because he bought some months ago and put them away for safe keeping and forgot! Sounds just like me! The complete set of Dinnerladies, Avatar, 2012, The Inbetweeners and a new electric toothbrush that sonically removes the skin from the roof of your mouth. Also got a new compost scoop to shovel chicken bedding, a large cloth bag filled with books, a propogator, bookmark, ribbon, a wooden hanging chicken and money towards my new iphone, if I ever get round to getting one! More chicken cards than you could shake a stick at. What is it about that expression?? Never understood it!?!

Next door made me a teddy bear! He even has a chicken in his apron!! (she based him on me, always wearing an apron when I pop over).

View her other bears at Lovelock Bears

The propogator was set up before breakfast and filled with sweetcorn and squash seeds before the toast had popped up! Unbelievably, the seedlings are up already! I love my Propogator!

Will sit down later and read through My new Allotment book and see what I should have done in May! Desperate to get outside and do some weeding, but for once I have to stop and rest. The smallest thing exhausts me and I am getting slightly concerned now. If I am not feeling better by tonight, then I will go and see the Doctor tomorrow. Just to confirm it is laryngitis.

The garden is in bloom and starting to look summery. I was brave and bit the bullet as far as frost was concerned. The tomatoes were planted out (but with fleece at the ready, just in case). I have 5 more plants upstairs on a sunny windowsill and 10 more plants in the greenhouse.

The spinach and strawberries are coming into their own and flowering well. The enviromesh is now left off as the sparrows don't seem that interested.

My little rainbow chard seedlings will soon be ready to plant out. Not sure quite where to put them as the veggie garden is already planned. Might tuck them amongst the flower borders as they are striking plants.

Rob next door made a dust bath house for a lady on one of my hen courses. Here is it!

I have just received an email from her friend who would also like one. I should get commission!

I had to cancel my quilt stretching session at the local Quilter's Dream and was quite disappointed. But there is no rush (sorry to start with a 'but') - I will get it finished soon. I decided to play around and make something, just to sit and sew really.
A little hen change purse!

Her little tail doubles as a zip tab and I have lined the purse in green fabric. Couldn't find an egg fabric as that would have been ideal!

Next door are away and we are bantam sitting again. 2 of the 3 are now broody and clamped to the nest 24/7. I keep going over and turfing them off, but within 2 minutes they are back again, grumbling away. Once Lilly, the White Pekin, has laid I shut off the nesting area, but they still find somewhere to brood.

Loved this picture of Lavender and Marigold!

It was scorching hot yesterday and the girls weren't happy. They spent most of the day under the privet hedge avoiding the sun. I made sure they had extra water and put another shade over the run to give them more protection from the sun. Cornelia's egg drought is over and we have had 4 large dark brown eggs from her this week. Just seen that she is sat on the nest, so it might be five!

I did a chicken course yesterday as was feeling better on Friday night. After 2 hours, I was exhausted and wished I had cancelled it. Nice group though and happy to cuddle a broody bantam! Once everyone had left I slept for 2 hours.

Looks like it is going to be hot again today as it is 21C already and only 9.30. Umbrella is up. Caffeine free diet coke is chilling and books are waiting for me. *smiles*

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

C x x x

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