Friday, April 23, 2010

A couple of new arrivals.

The sun is out and the past week has been glorious. I was lucky to land back on Thursday morning just hours before the airport was shut for 5 days. Shame that I was due to be off anyway! The volcano that erupted in Iceland has caused massive chaos around Europe, as the ash cloud meant that most of the UK air space was closed for a few days.

Spent yesterday outside in the sun, pottering around the veggie garden. Cleaned out the hens and then cracked on with digging over the raised beds. I fixed the cover for the strawberry beds and gave it a top dressing of 'grow bag' compost. Managed to get caught by a few stinging nettles through my gloves. My God, they hurt!

I went to the garden centre a couple of weeks ago and saw an old sewing machine tucked away in the corner. They often have a few odd things inside, like an old stool, lampshade etc. I took an instant liking to the machine and wondered where I could put it? Decided a week later to give them a ring and see if it was still there. It was. Welcome Doris the sewing machine!

She is a 1920's Hexagon, the precursor to Singer or so I am told. In full working order, complete with a wooden lid and key! Not bad for £20. Still trying to play around and work out how to use her. The bobbin and threading is proving challenging, but I will get there eventually. The sewing action is so smooth, I think she will be a joy to use.

The sparrows have been feasting on the spinach for long enough! Just as the new tender leaves are poking through, they dive down and grab them! I decided to plant some spare strawberry plants in the trough and covered the whole lot in enviromesh that I got for Christmas. That ought to stop them!

Dug out the watering system from the shed and dusted it off. Most of the back garden and veggie area are now linked up, to save me watering all summer long.

Parsnip seeds are in, along with a row of radishes either side to remind me that something is there. Also planted some King Edward potatoes even though I never do too well with tatties. Beetroot also went in, with some more spinach for the hens.

The girls spent a bit of time in the 'posh' garden, whilst I sat on the patio reading a sipping home made elderflower cordial - in an attempt to try natural hayfever relief! Not sure if it is volcanic ash setting me off, but have been sneezing and itching for days now. Within 2 minutes, the girls had scratched the moss out of the borders, along with stones and the bark mulch. Nothing a quick rake didn't solve. getting 2-3 eggs a day, 4 when Cornelia can be bothered!

I had a delivery this week! An eglu Go, in sunshine yellow! I have been after one for a while, to use at my hen parties and for any hen sitting I do over the summer. I haven't built the run yet, as that will take more patience. Jase is wondering where we are going to keep it, as it would be a shame to keep it empty........

Have a hen party tomorrow, so scones have been baked, table laid and everything ready. Best get to bed now as hadn't realised it was half past 12!

Have a good weekend everyone.

C x x

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