Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Buntings a go go!


Back from Spain, one flight home and easy-peasy. Managed to have a quick cuppa with Jase before he headed off to work.

Am now in shorts, yes, you heard right. Didn't you know? Summer is officially here. It must be. I have been wearing shorts for 4 days and we had a Barbeque on Saturday. Lovely sunny weather with a freezing breeze. Hence the fleece to keep me a bit warmer, but my milk bottle legs need some rays.

Next door are away overnight, so we are looking after the Bantinies. They are so cute and squeak like guinea pigs. I have collected 5 eggs in 2 days so far, not bad from 3 of them. Have just cleaned out our hens - just a quick 'poo pick' and refill of food, changing of water type clean out. Doing 2 chicken courses this weekend and next, so they will get a thorough clean out before then. Things are picking up. Must be the warmer weather and the springtime urge to keep chickens.

Picture of the bunting I made last week and forgot to take a photo of!

Even the 'anti-gingham' Jase liked it and asked where we could put it! I put fabric both sides, so you don't see the back when it is flapping in the wind. That would never do! I think this one is already sold.

A friend has designed a logo for my website (the one I still haven't set up) and I really should start doing more work for it. Just never seem to have the time.

Had a go at making chana masala this week. I love it when ever we go for an Indian and met someone at work who gave me a recipe. What a faff soaking chick peas overnight, then rinsing and boiling, but I promised I wouldn't use tinned chick peas. It turned out rather well, even though we have enough for a small army. Talking of small armies, I made enough sticky toffee pudding for them too! Maybe I should invite some soldiers over?.............

Up at the crack of sparrows tomorrow for a 6am start. Will leave here at 4.15, but only 2 days until my part time week, so looking forward to that. Lots of planting to do and (more) weeding.

Better go and plan dinner. Something with chickpea masala and sticky toffee pudding I think.

Have a good week everyone!

C x x x

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  1. I think you have jinxed the weather by using the B word (and by having one!) It's freezing! Definitely felt like winter yesterday down on the plot. Things might be better this weekend though.

    Glad you didn't get caught up in volcanic ash. It has scuppered my brother's holiday plans, and also my sister-in-law & niece's.


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