Thursday, April 08, 2010

A cat litter tray?

A brilliant blue cloudless sky all day today! Really felt like spring had arrived. Weather set to be good for the rest of the week. I spent most of today in the garden, a spot of weeding, planting seeds and soaking up the sun. Lovely. The plum tree at the back is nearly in full blossom....

Wasn't needed at work today, gutted, as if, so got up early and headed for the hairdressers, then onto the garden centre. Big mistake. £35 on compost, grow bags and seeds later, I returned. Decided to sort out my seed box and get rid of old paper packets of long forgotten veg and flower seeds.

Being so impatient, I lifted the bags out of the car, without waiting for help, and gently moved them to the back garden. Not gently enough. Am feeling the tightness across my lower back AGAIN! I cannot seem to do any lifting without my dratted back hurting. Hot bath for me tonight. Might invest in one of those 'old people sock-puller-oners'. Is that even a word? You know what I mean. I'm sure Innovations will have one on line. Unable to put socks on without hoiking your foot onto your opposite knee in the morning is shocking. I am only 35! Ok, 36 next month, but still a spring chicken!

My new seed collection is ready and 'filed' in planting order. OCD lives and breathes in the shed too! How many wooden plant labels is too many I wonder?

I sowed peas and sweetcorn in my bargain lidl seed trays. Popped lids on top and then a 'mouse barrier' block to stop those pesky critters eating the sprouting seeds. Hope it works. They love my peas!

The Girls have been laying well, now that the 'bird cannon' in the field down the road isn't going off every 45 minutes. We are getting 3-4 eggs a day and I have boxed up a dozen to sell. Still have a couple to make muffins tomorrow.
Pru and scruffy, 3 tone, Elsbeth, ready for their close ups. Cornelia and Agnes were camera shy and retreated to the eglu. No eggs from then today, but they deserve a day off.

They spent today in a self dug crater. All 4 dust bathing in dry soil and wood chip, loving the sun.

Whilst weeding the veggie garden, I found a few parsnips that I forgot to dig up and use.

Cracking, aren't they? Will definitely be planting more this year.

French marigold seeds sown - not a big fan of them, but they work well with companion planting. Tomatoes sown, as are some courgette seeds! All coming along nicely. Need to sort out the watering system next.

I discovered a raised section of soil under the weed suppressing membrane today. Another Mole family!!!! We are surrounded by fields and they choose my veggie garden to make tunnels. Blimmin' things.

Mowed the front lawn for the first time this year. Looks lovely apart from the winter moss. Might have to get the hens onto that!

I had forgotten that I planted rhubarb in the back garden a couple of years ago. The leaves are huge and it seems to have come up overnight. I will turn it into crumble this year and pop it in the freezer.

It seems that everything is bursting into life. The currants bushes are looking healthy, even my neglected gooseberry bush is showing leaves. A few more hours of digging, weeding and top dressing and I think we are set for a bumper crop of flowers and veg. Happy days.

My quilt wadding arrived in the post! I went for natural cotton and will probably regret it, but it is so soft and cuddly. Shame it will be sandwiched between the top and backing. just need to cut it to size. Being an awkward so and so, my quilt isn't standard size, so I had to buy enough wadding to cover an Olympic sized pool. Must remember - Measure TWICE, cut once!! Been caught out before.

Made some bunting this week and forgot to take pictures, will do so tomorrow! Just need to find somewhere to hang it.

The house that backs onto ours, has been rented out to a Lady with 2 dogs and a cat. Operation 'net raised beds' will begin soon. A 4 pawed onslaught on freshly dug veggie beds must be avoided at all costs. I might sprinkle catnip seeds in next door's garden borders!!! Hee hee.

A bath with lavender oil, to soothe aching backs, is calling, so will sign off now.

C x x x


  1. Lovely to catch up with your blog Christian, it's all looking tickety boo. Sorry the old back is playing up - warning twinges mean - LISTEN !! No more lugging of compost bags etc. We don't want you laid up for the summer now do we? Or do we? Lying in the garden ...... hmmmm *scratches chin* Cloots xx

  2. Love your blog, just spent a lovely couple of evenings reading it from start to finish, and have to admit to filling up on more than one occasion, as well as laughing out loud. I have been on the Omlet forum for a few years but didn't realise you had this blog. Love hearing about your girls. Must admit to being tempted to have ago at jam making as yours look so yummy. Thankyou for taking the time to write such an ejoyable blog. xx to you both.
    Love Debbie. (furball on Omlet)


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