Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Do you want to know?

Happy December everyone!! Not long now until the jolly fat man arrives with his bulging sack! Cannot believe that Christmas it nearly here. Strange, as it is the same date every year, but comes around so quickly.

Would you like an update on my Craft stall?? *wink*

Saturday, 7.50am. Sat in my Mini at the craft centre, listening to Michael Buble on the radio. Maggie, the organiser of the fair - handed the role at the last minute, arrives jangling keys to let me in. I am the first and have 30 minutes or so of peace before the Pros appear. I have learnt that the Craft circuit is a very close knit affair. You are either liked or not. I was liked, luckily. I was referred to as a 'Newbie' on more than one occasion!

By 10am my stall was set up and I had a chance to look around and see what else was on offer. The Ladies opposite me, were a formidable force. Organised to an extreme, with each one slotting into the pecking order, governed by the 'top hen'. Garden centre green appeared to be the uniform for the Andover Farmers market stall. I have a feeling that any other colour would have been frowned upon. Cakes, mince pies, hyacinths everywhere and knitted goods were on offer. I affectionately called them 'The Coven'.

I later found out they were once the local W.I, but 'things turned nasty and it wasn't a pleasant time'. Juicy gossip that I didn't get the chance to hear.

I think I did really well on day one. The stall wasn't in the best location, being next to the door, as people would stop and look and then get moved along by others arriving. I still enjoyed it and managed to sell most of my jam and mincemeat.

Would you like to see a couple of pictures? I went for the cluttered, cottage feel to my stall (mainly because I had so much stuff)!!

I had a couple of surprise visitors! Caroline, who leaves comments on my blog, arrived. She bought a few things and then announced who she was!! Then Charlotte and - I want to say Vanessa, but think that is wrong? - introduced themselves. They had travelled from W.Sussex especially to see the stall! I was incredibly touched that you all took the time to pop in and say hello. Really, really kind of you all!

On Sunday, the weather was dreadful but I still sold a fair bit. My friend Yvonne came down to help and manned the stall very well. She is booked for next year!! Yes, I will be doing it again next year. It was worth the time and effort! I have been advised to do the Michaelmas fayre in September too.

I even made a couple of contacts! Sue, 'bespoke jewellery' and June 'the Fudge Lady' invited me to a craft fair in Lyndhurst on Tuesday this week! They called it the 'Turkey and Tinsel' lot. I referred to them as the Blue Rinse Brigade. At least I managed to write a few Christmas cards, whilst they rifled through my wares! I picked up a copy of 'It's a Wonderful Life' which I have been after for ages. A must see film I have been told. And a few stocking fillers from other stall holders. Even got a 'traders discount'.

(Top tip, don't eat sausage rolls that were supposed to be put in the freezer for Christmas, whilst typing your blog. Flaky pastry is a nightmare to get out of the keyboard)!

I spent today putting everything away and reclaiming the house. The lounge is no longer a resting place for fabric, no sign of raffia and my sewing machine has been put away (until tomorrow, when I am making something for the Omlet secret Crafty swap)! The office now resembles some sort of normality and you can actually see the carpet. Made a long list of jobs to do over the next few days.

  1. Sort out chicken area - like a swamp with the incessant rain we are having. Holding a chicken course on Saturday and might have to issue inflatable arm bands.
  2. Tidy lounge/kitchen - done
  3. Write Christmas cards - my most loathed job in the world.
  4. Make a scottie dog cushion for next door.
  5. Make a ************** for the Omlet Craft swap
  6. Take Jase's old clothes to charity bin
  7. Write blog - work in progress........
  8. Make scottie dog brooch for Charlotte - brown button on collar!
  9. Sew initials on several stockings. Hope my embroidery is up to it??
Plus all the other boring things, like food shopping, changing the bed sheets, making fudge, mince pies (never tire of fudge and/or mince pies)!

Now that I have updated my blog, I think I will chill out for the evening. I have a couple of Christmas magazines, John Seymours Complete Guide to Self-sufficiency and a fire. Bliss. Fairy lights are up in the kitchen, and after 10 minutes blew a fuse! All sorted now and feeling festive again.

Thank you once again for all the lovely comments. I means a lot to me.

C x x


  1. Hey, I am really pleased to hear that not only did you sell things, you also got 'accepted' by the 'regulars'.

    Congratulations Christian!

  2. Well done, Christian! Your stall looked fabulous and all your hard work appreciated! Have a lovely Christmas - you've inspired me to go and rummage in the loft for the decorations - that takes some doing, I'll tell you!

    All the best for Yuletide to you and Jase.

    love Suzanne

  3. Great looking stuff. Wish I could stop by - but alass you are a bit of a comute :-)


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