Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas market

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am. Take today for instance. Up at the crack of dawn, but walking around the Christmas market in Basel by 11.30 this morning! Luckily, the two crew with me are big kids too, and got really excited wandering around, taking in the smells and sights of the festive season. It is so nice wandering the streets, peeping through shop windows and seeing what they have 'in store'.

I didn't realise how expensive it was in Switzerland. The prices are at least double the rest of Europe, so we all agreed to hold on until tomorrow, when we are off to Frankfurt to do it all over again!! The market is only a 5 minute bus ride away and huge, so we will meet up and sample the 'proper' Currywurst, sausage with curry sauce and chips!

I have been going to German Christmas markets since I was very little. The one in Bremen usually, but not for several years now. Little wooden huts, crammed with wooden toys, candles and the like. Wonderful. The smell of Gluhwein and sausages gets you feeling the Christmas spirit. I defy any Scrooge to visit a German market and not come out feeling Festive.

I have had a couple of days off, but with the dark afternoons and miserable weather, it has flown by. I managed to sew a couple of felt Christmas trees with chunky trunks and took pictures, but forgot to load them on my laptop, so will do so later this week. Edit - here you go -

Jase is off to Las Vegas today. His friend is working the flight and thought he would like 4 days away for a pre-Christmas break. I miss him already. I am away for 3 days, so the hens are fending for themselves, with next door popping in to check on them. No eggs for a few days as they are still moulting, but it has turned colder and they aren't looking too happy. I'm sure they are fine, apart from the state of their run. They don't mind, as they happily scratch around in the mud, but I must clean them out soon. Just finding the time, dry weather and hoping my back can cope.

I went into Town on Friday and finished off the last of our Christmas shopping. It was vile. Absolutely heaving with people. So glad it is all done. Working until Wednesday, then 3 days off. 3 days of Christmas preps and getting the house in order.

I watched Kirsty's Homemade Christmas on Channel 4 the other night and loved it. Over 3 nights, she tried to bring the spirit of Christmas back, i.e. homemade stuff on the cheap - ish. Some of her ideas were a little, erm......expensive, but on the whole her enthusiasm was infectious and got me in the mood.

I bought 2 large jars (as if I need an excuse with my jar fetish), filled them with sweets, glow in the dark figures and finished them off with fabric for my Niece and Nephew as stocking fillers. Again, pics taken but not on my laptop yet! Some of the ideas I have written down for next year as I won't have time before Christmas now.

edit - pic added -

Bought the tree on my way home and she is sitting in an old watering can in the garden until I am ready to bring her in and 'embelish'. That is a mammoth task, but one of my favourite Christmas jobs. Unlike writing cards!! They are sat on the desk, taunting me. I know I have to write them but it is the most mind numbing job in the world!!!

Next door were away for a couple of days, so I offered to look after their Bantams. They do make me laugh. The way they waddle like little, fluffy wind-up hens and squeak like guinea pigs. They are still laying really well and the eggs were very welcome.

I have enough brown parcel paper to wrap Terminal 5, so should be ok when the marathon wrapping session begins later this week. It will be a fest of cinnamon sticks, baubles, dried orange slices and ribbon. My precious ribbon, that I am loathed to use and would rather save, but it is the season of goodwill after all! It usually takes me a few hours to wrap all my pressies, but with Carols on my ipod speakers, I enjoy it. The Christmas lights are up on the kitchen shelf and Jase didn't seem to mind the extra set that appeared around the window!!

Right then, the cards are winking at me and desperate to get written. Will update the pictures when I get home......!

Have a good week everyone!

C x x


  1. Looks like you will be having more time off next week ......!!

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