Monday, December 21, 2009

He's a lumberjack....

Well, the snow clouds built up nearly as quickly as my excitement after reading the weather forecast last week! Sadly, we only had a sprinkling of the white stuff, but freezing temperatures. Luckily I was off work, so wasn't affected by the runways closing and mass chaos on the roads and airports!

My Paris and back flight was cancelled yesterday, but I noticed before I left for work. Decided to pack my bags and take my stand by stuff in with me. Lucky really as at 9pm I was given a Manchester night stop. As the runway had been closed on and off all day, we didn't leave Heathrow until 1am! Landed safely around 1.35, but that meant we were unable to fly back today, so got an extra day off in Manchester today! Am due to leave tomorrow on the 'red eye' at 7am. Not operating though - flying back as a passenger!

Woke up late this morning and headed for the town centre. Christmas shopping all done, so was able to browse at leisure without the usual frantic 'I must get so and so something.........anything'! The German Christmas market is still here, so wandered around the stalls and picked up a few bits for decorating presents that I still need to wrap. Lots of pressies. I have wrapped Jason's, but the rest will be done tomorrow and Wednesday. Got chatting to a lady on a tree decorations stall and she gave me a discount as I spoke to her in German! Everywhere has proper snow and i nearly went arse over tit a few times.

Was disappointed that there was a distinct lack of Currywurst at the market, so made do with a dish of sliced potatoes and bacon bits, followed by a hog roast roll. Extra crackling. Well, it is Christmas!

Wednesday was supposed to be my last day until I finished for Christmas, but I had a leave day on hold. Pleased to see it has been granted, so once back tomorrow, I am off until the New Year!!

A few Christmas puddings still to wrap up and deliver, plus mince pies to bake for the neighbours. They are heading up to Sheffield before Christmas so need to bake and wrap them pretty soon.

I bumped into a lady from work yesterday, who ordered 4 Christmas puddings and 6 jars of jams for friends. She said she needed a word with me. I was slightly anxious, but as it turned out, she had already eaten one of the puddings as she said it smelt so nice. There was me thinking she had found mouse droppings in one!! As if. *wink* My mice are toilet trained!

We are spending Christmas day at home and then off to Mum and Dad's for Boxing day. Everyone will be there, so need to get there early to help Mum with the annual veg prep! On the 27th we are driving to Ayr to see Jason's Mum and Sister, then back down on the 30th as Jase is back to work on the 31st! Will all be a bit of a rush, but we should have plenty of turkey and stuffing sandwiches for the drive up! My favourite bit of Christmas - the left overs. Not that I am food obsessed!!!!

Metcheck is forecasting snow in our area for tomorrow. Hope I make it home in time. The fridge is full to bursting and we have logs stacked up by the front door! Jase is out chopping logs and kindling as I type. We borrowed next door's mega axe to chop some huge logs down into a more burnable size. Our axe could be used in a panto version of Pocahontas, as it is ridiculously small and only good for display purposes!

He isn't answering his mobile, so I hope he still has all his limbs. Probably out locking up the girls. We are looking after next door's bantams for a few days, so at least we are getting eggs. Ours are still not laying, even Elsbeth, the only egg provider, has decided to moult now.

The flights into Manchester are seriously delayed now, so I hope they don't cancel them tonight. Means I won't be getting home tomorrow and my hips can't cope with more hog roast rolls!

Have a lovely run up to Christmas and 'speak soon'!

C x x

EDIT! Spoke too soon. The last flight up from Heathrow has been cancelled so I guess I won't be getting home tomorrow morning *sad little face*


  1. Hope you make it back safely :-)

  2. Enjoy beign snowed in. I am a teacher in MI in the US and we have gotten so much snow they had to cancel school for 4 days over the course of a 7 day week. Enjoy.

  3. If I'd known you were stuck in Manchester you could have come and had some festive fayre with us - we're only 20 mins from the airport!

    Hope you get home safe and sound - Merry Christmas and a really Happy New Year to you, Jase and the chicks!

    love Suzanne

  4. Hope you got home off to stockholm tonite due back tomorrow (christmas eve) so hope I don't get stuck there.
    Happy Christmas


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