Friday, November 13, 2009

Back to school....

Again, sorry to post and run, but limited internet time here in Nice.

Quick picture of the pencils cases I have made so far!

Will be home again tomorrow evening and will try to pull my finger out and update you all. Loads going on and the clock is ticking, but am getting quietly excited about the Fayre.

Nighty night,

C x x


  1. GOOD LUCK for the Christmas Fayre! I hope you sell out.

  2. Just wondering, Christian, where's the best European destination for great crafty shopping and the best Christmas markets? If you don't have the answer, nobody does!!
    Katie xx (mystery poster from a week or so ago!!)

  3. Hello Katie! Definitely Germany - but I am biased!

    Great craft shops, reasonable prices and the Christmas Markets are the best in the World. Hamburg is great for Markets, but most German cities have them. They start this Sunday!

  4. Your pencil cases could also be used for make-up brushes. Mopsie


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