Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas

Woke up at 9am today, which is quite late for me. Really foggy head and blocked ears. Not pleasant. Didn't get that much done today, so just slobbed around. A slobby day is good every now and then. It gives you a chance to recharge.

Dosed up on Lemsip and feeling a bit better now. Fire is lit and bag packed, ready for the crack of sparrows tomorrow.

My little Christmas pudding arrived in the post today *smiles* As soon as I get a chance to make it, I will post pictures.

Jase left for work at 1ish, so I decided to get baking. Found a recipe in an old Country Living magazine and gave it a whirl. Mini Fruit cakes.

They are lovely - I might even make some to sell at the fayre. Talking of which, I am nearly finished with my scottie dog brooches. They seem to take ages to sew, but I'm quite happy sitting stitching, whilst watching Merlin on BBC1. Only 2 more to make and then I'm all stitched out. Well, maybe I could manage a little bit more. Hee hee.

I got an email yesterday asking for details of my scottie dog brooches and someone has ordered one for a Christmas present. It is all wrapped up and will be posted early next week if you are reading *wink*.

The chicken area is a swamp with all this rain we've been having. I need to get out there, move both eglus and runs, dig over the whole area, and add more wood chippings. Once the fayre is over, I will sort it out ready for winter. Not particularly looking forward to it, as it is a mucky, dirty job, but needs must. Plus, I have a chicken course on the 5th December and I can't let people sink in mud. Even though I am baking mince pies for a Christmas hen party special! We might even have snow by then!! *hops around excitedly*

Completely forgot to mention that my December roster was published the other night. I am off at Christmas!!!! I get back from Istanbul on the 23rd and am then off until the beginning of January. I am trying to swap the Istanbul flight as I'm not too keen on long range flying! It is only 3 and a bit hour flight, but that is a couple of hours too long for me. Paris would be ideal.

Right, time to make my packed lunch for work. Am slightly worried by my 'cool bag lunchbag' fetish that is developing rapidly. There is no helping me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends.

C x x


  1. Christian
    Is it the Weyhill Fairground craft fair this weekend that you have a stall at? Are you there both days????

  2. Hello Caroline!

    Yes, that's the one. Will be doing both days *looks around anxiously* Hee hee!

    C x

  3. You'll do just fine! Hopefully will be popping by to lend support!

  4. Best of luck at the weekend! And take lots of photos of your stall.

  5. Best of luck for your stall - sure you'll be a fantastic success!The pages of Country Living next !


  6. Good luck at the Fair.
    We all know you'll be a Great success.



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