Friday, November 20, 2009

'..Pleasure to meet you Mary Poppins'

Morning all! 5am and feeling grotty! I am often up at this time, but usually for work. Have a fair bit to do today, but I'm still in sleep deprived shock.

Blowing a gale outside and the rain is hammering the windows.

Jase just left for work and I woke up with a really sore throat. Apparently it was like sleeping with a freight train all night!!

Our next door neighbour popped over a few days ago with a dozen of her bantam eggs. She has too many! The chance here would be a fine thing! Elsbeth is still the only one laying. I was mortified at the state of the house. Her's is always spotless where as our's is more 'lived in'. The fabric piled up in every corner doesn't help make the place look tidy.

She had a look at the things I have been making and bought 2 scottie dog brooches and some candles. 10 minutes later she came back with her son who bought a Christmas stocking, gingham heart, wheat pillow and some hand warmers for Christmas presents! I was advised to up my prices too. *anxious*

The cup of tea is slowly soothing my throat now. I have the chimney sweep coming over at 9am, so had better clean out the fire before then. I will resist the urge to put on a fake Cockney accent and sing 'Chim-chimenny'.

Not much post to greet us when we got in last night. I ordered a few presents from M&S Penny Bazaar for 1p delivery, but they haven't arrived yet. Maybe today. Will give me a chance to get things hidden before His Lordship gets home.

I was very naughty and possibly in a Lemsip infused state, but ordered this from the lovely Cupcakes for Clara site. It is a Christmas Pudding decoration. It will be nice do to some sewing for me for a change.

Going in to Town later as we have run out of Muesli and Cheerios. No, the world won't end due to lack of cereal, but Jase is partial to them. Might go to Penny's and get a few sewing bits. Waterstones have sent me a 25% off voucher, They are bad. Must resist temptation.

Wind is picking up again and it is a tad chilly here. Off to make another cuppa and then think about getting on my hands and knees to sweep out the fire. Still have a few hours before Dick Van Dyke, sorry Don, arrives......

I have put some runner beans seeds in small brown envelopes, popped them in a pot with garden markers and a pencil and wrapped the whole lot in cellophane for 'Gardener's gifts'. WIll post pictures as soon as the sun comes up. Well not immediately, but you get what I mean. *edit* Pics added -

And the Scottie dog brooch! *smiles*

More tea needed.......!

C x x

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  1. Fantastic !! Hamish is coming home xxx Cloots


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