Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nice Sporran.....

Greetings Readers!

Am in Vienna at the mo and thought I would make a quick entry.

The wedding last weekend was wonderful. I was made to feel very welcome. V & F had a lovely time and the sun shone (and rain held off) until the evening. Lovely bunch of people, dancing, great food and hunky men in kilts everywhere! *wink* I digress. I will post pictures when I get a chance as they are still on the camera. (Not of the men in kilts)!!

We drove back on Tuesday and had to stop off at the airport to pick up my car. 9 hour drive in total. Vile. The girls were fine all week, but didn't lay too well for next door. I think they got 6 eggs in total. They are away this week, so we are looking after the bantams for them. Day 1 yesterday and we got a full house. 3 eggs! Looks like dad might get pickled bantam eggs for Christmas afterall.

There, have mentioned it. Christmas. Can't wait, hee hee. The present buying has started as you know I like to be organised. I know it is August, but I got in from work last night and the fire was lit! *Shock*. It was quite cold, but who would have thought the fire would be roaring in August?? Nice though.

Managed to get a few brooches sewn for the Craft fayre, that I still haven't paid for or arranged. *rolls eyes* Will get it done next week.

Major trauma. I was in Berlin and a car hit the wall behind the house and crashed along the side of the fence. About 40 ft of fencing needs to be replaced, but the driver will be paying for that!! Jase had to deal with it all, getting quotes etc. He sent me a text to say 'the chickens are distressed'. No wonder when the fence was right next to their coop. They wouldn't come out for a while.

Winifred is fine, still not laying, but pottering around as normal. Cornelia is threadbare and looking really scruffy. She is moulting big time, but her new feathers are coming through already. Elsbeth, Pru and Agnes are all ok. Laying on a regular basis. I think they are looking forward to being let loose on the veggie garden in a couple of months. I usually let them dig over the raised beds when most of the crops have finished. Jase and next door very kindly put up some netting, so the girls can free range after the fence incident. There was a 30cm gap were the fence was shunted and they aren't 'road savvy'. At least they can free range now.

Off out for Schnitzel and low cal chips in a bit, so will sign out now.

Have a lovely evening!

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