Thursday, August 06, 2009

Poorly Winnie

Winifred is not doing too well again. The constant rain all day didn't help her mood either. She spent most of the day hunched under the privet hedge and I didn't see her eat or drink for most of the day. She was drinking just before bed, so that is a good sign. She pottered off to bed with her friends Pru and Elsbeth. In a way, I hope she goes in her sleep, as that would be a nice way to go. Just hate to see her so sad and hunched in the run. Squish squish.

As promised, here is a picture of the happy couple!

Next door are on holiday this week, so we are looking after the Bantam Ladies. They have been laying really well. Nearly 3 eggs every day. The eggs are ridiculously small. Almost cartoon eggs! They will look lovely in a glass jar filled with vinegar and pickling spices.

Compared to a standard hen's egg -

It has been raining on and off for days now. I am not back to work until the 18th August, but think there is little hope of the garden getting any attention. I am more of a fair weather gardener.

I picked up Winifred yesterday to give her some natural yoghurt, to help with her crop problems and jarred my back again! It was absolute agony. I was hobbling around for most of the day, doing a distinct impression of Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques. Had a wonderful nights sleep though and woke up feeling better, but still a tad sore. Not keen on popping pills, but sometimes needs must and the anti inflammatories do help.

Tomorrow is set to be miserable again, so will make the most of the day and get some sewing done. Really want to make a hot water bottle cover. Depending on the look of it, will see about adding them to the list of things for the craft fayre. A friend suggested making wheat pillows (the type that I have had stuck to my back for the past 2 days). Jase mentioned flame retardant fabric to make the bags, as we don't want a flaming microwave incident, but I really have no idea! If anyone knows how to make them and what to fill them with (is it as simple as wheat)??, then email me please!

Fire is roaring in a bid to thaw out my feet. What is going on? It is August for God's sake!!

C x x x


  1. Hi Christian
    Sorry to hear about Winifred, I hope she perks up.
    How about this place for wheat bag supplies? It includes instructions as wellas the wheat supplies.
    Best of luck with it!
    Hazelxx (WitchHazel)

  2. Lovely! Thanks hazel!

    Will have a good look through that site this week sometime. Looks great. :0)

    C x


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