Monday, August 31, 2009

What a whiff


Had a terrible week. The M3 was closed and I was late for work. Arrived 40 minutes too late and missed my trip. That wiped the rest of my 6 day block and I finally finished with an Istanbul and back yesterday. Hideous, but over now! Just 2 days off but so happy not to be at work.

The courgettes have gone mad and I am now left with a marrow the size of a small canoe.

It will be turned into some sort of chutney when I get a chance.

I bought some beeswax sheets in Brussels a couple of weeks ago and turned them into candles. I really need to get back there and get some more sheets. They burn really well and smell lovely.

I started making wheat pillows this week. 2 are finished and have sewn 4 more bags but ran out of wheat! Will get some more tomorrow.

Mum brought over my old futon cover from years ago. It is good quality ticking type fabric and too good to throw away. I got creative and used a small amount to make some skittles! They are half filled with pop corn (unpopped obviously)! and soft toy filling. The ball took ages as it is 6 small pieces stitched together, but I love them! If I get a chance, I will make a few more sets to sell at the craft fair.

I spent most of today cleaning out the chickens' runs. Not the most pleasant of jobs, but thankfully one that doesn't need doing too often. Let the girls into the garden and they spent the day digging in the borders and eating grass. They are back in the chicken corner now, sunbathing. Jase asked what the awful smell was and then realised it was me! I was so sweaty after digging out all the muck from the runs. Nice. Am now showered and smell nice again.

Made some plum and apple mince meat too, about 8 large jars. My neighbour still has lots of plums, but I have a tub trug full in the fridge in the outbuilding and lots of apples. I followed Kate's advice and put several plums in Le Parfair jars, filled with sugar syrup and simmer the jars. My jam thermometer came in handy and 20 minutes later, 2 perfect jars of bottled plums that should last for months.

Have a great Bank holiday everyone.

C x x

**UPDATE** the local farmer is spreading muck on the fields. Turns out I don't smell too bad after all.


  1. Hello Stranger!

    I was wondering when you would post again! You are so industrious with your sewing and bottling, I feel exhausted reading about it! The candles look lovely; so too do the skittles. Courgette looks a bit suggestive(ahem!) - don't you think?


  2. Busy time of year isn't it? Love the skittles, I think they'd sell really well at a craft fair.




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