Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can you see in the dark?

Am going to Scotland for a couple of days tomorrow, Jase's Sister's wedding! Looking forward to it! The flights look terrible and I am worried I won't get a seat! The joys of stand by travel. Am thinking of going on the 7am flight, but that means getting up at 3.45 in the morning! Not a prospect I am looking forward to.

Winifred took a turn for the worst yesterday, so I popped her in a cat box and left her in the lounge overnight to stay warm and relaxed. I left the tv on so she had some company as I had to go to work. Am I mad? Probably.

I got back this morning and she seems fine again. Her crop is not as big and not full of fluid, so that is a good sign. A word of warning. Wear old clothes when trying to get natural yoghurt into a chicken's beak. She managed to fling it everywhere with her head shaking!!!! She is running around with the others, so fingers crossed, she will be ok. Next door have 'yoghurt dosage instructions' for the next few days.

A quick picture of my first carrots (I say first, but I have pulled the odd sneaky one, here and there). I have no patience.

My parsnips are coming on really well. First time I have grown them successfully. Need some sunshine now, to ripen the tomatoes and blueberries. The blueberries are now netted which looks awful, but does the job nicely. Mr Blackbird won't be getting any this year!

I spoke to the Craft Fayre person yesterday and will arrange a visit with my 'stock' (!) next week. He seemed really keen on what I was selling, as it was different. Lets hope it is of suitable quality!

Better go and pack I suppose.

Have a good weekend everyone.

C x x

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  1. I have to tell you that the natural lip balm made from calendula flowers which you gave me has worked a treat on the "chicken skin " under my eyes. I am now calling it wonderbalm! and am keeping a small pot in my handbag for emergencies.
    Mopsie aka Mum xx


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