Sunday, August 16, 2009

...Burning at both ends?

Life is surreal sometimes, isn't it? Take yesterday. Sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, I was wearing shorts - sewing robins in the garden for the Christmas fayre! August. I know. Madness.

Jase went back to work after a few months off. Barcelona last night and Stockholm this evening. He is home tomorrow. Think it will be a shock to his system.

I have been off for nearly 2 weeks and have done a fair bit. Started jammin' again. The kitchen smelt wonderful.
Spiced Bramble jelly (with the additional of a cinnamon stick and a couple of cloves).

Pottered around the veggie garden and did a bit of digging. The potatoes weren't looking too good, so I dug them all up. Proper gardener's hands!

I had 3 potato bags and a small raised bed with Kind Edwards. Don't think we will be self sufficient in tatties this winter - One bag's worth.

They are all safely stored in a paper sack in the outbuilding.

I finally got round to planting up some strawberry runners. Been meaning to do it for ages. Think I have enough? Hee hee

If you are passing and need any..........!

The purple podded peas were doing really well until the mice discovered that the stalks tasted good.

We ran out of spinach for the Girls last year, so have planted an extra load to keep them in fresh greens all Winter. They are growing nicely on the kitchen window sill.

Speaking of the Girls, Winifred is doing really well. *touches wood* Her appetite is back to normal and she is shoulder barging others out of the way when it comes to treats. Her crop is full most nights and empty again in the morning! I think her comb looks redder and more upright too. The only thing is, I think she has started moulting. Along with Cornelia and the odd feather from Agnes, there are a fair few feathers flying around the garden. All but Winnie are laying though, so we usually get 3-4 eggs a day. I have been frantically watching for her droppings. Strange but true. She eventually turned and produced a 'normal' poo for me! Hooray! (Only other chicken keepers think I am perfectly sane with the previous comment)!!

As Jase had to be up at the crack of sparrows yesterday, I got up too. The house was de-cobwebbed (you would never guess judging by the look of it today) and bathrooms cleaned and house vacuumed. Decided to try and make candles. Like you do.

In May, I bought some terracotta pots in Portugal and managed to get hold of some wicks and pelleted candle wax. Ingenious way to keep the wicks central I think! Cotton thread and some tape.

After lots of swearing, dripping candle wax, ruining of measuring jug and a couple of tea towels -

They do have a wick, but it's not clear in the picture.

'Cushion central' as the house is now known, is still in full production. Getting good at them now and it only takes me 15 minutes to make a cover.

Things are coming along nicely. Shame I am back to work on Tuesday. Work gets in the way of my 'stuff'. At least I can relax at work.

Mum and Dad are coming over for dinner this evening, so better get organised. Have baked some Hobnobs (or the non copyright equivalent *wink*) and filled a bag for them and a tin for us!

See you all soon.

C x x x


  1. Lovely cushions; I have a very similar pink and green stripey one.You've spurred me on tot hink about mroe candles for the winter.OH made a good mould out of some copper tubing which is successful, and I'm sure I have lots of ends to melt down and use up.

    Love the blog. :)



  2. I'm so glad Winifred is better - I've been checking the blog for news so thank goodness its all good!
    You have reminded me to have a go at getting my hands on a sewing machine on Freecycle - the stuff people want to get rid of!!
    You "stuff" is fantastic - you need to give up the flying and get a business up and running.


  3. sewing robins? ANd for christmas fayre? They're a bit small to stuff aren't they! Am sure I am missing something there and that you're not referring to robin red breasts?



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