Friday, January 30, 2009

Magic beans.

Good evening everyone! A very smiley Christian here tonight. Had a much better week and am feeling good about 'stuff'. Things just get on top of you sometimes don't they?

Anyway, what news do I have? Not much, just plodding on as usual.

I think Cornelia might start laying soon, as she squatted in front of me a couple of days ago. Her comb is getting nice and red and she is following Winifred whenever she goes into the eglu to lay an egg. Bless her. She is a real character. She never misses a chance to jump on the eglu run and survey 'her' domain. The trouble is, she has problems getting down again!

We finally got round to putting guttering on the shed. We had enough left over to do the log store too. I decided to make down pipes out of old diet coke bottles! A way of recycling and saving a pound or two. Each one only took a few minutes and is cobbled together with wire loops to keep the bottles in place. The veggie garden might look like Steptoe's yard, but I am really impressed with myself.

I have asked my Mum and Dad for a water butt for my birthday. Seeing as I am trying to buy nothing new this year.

...and the log store....

We don't get much water from the log store roof, but it will give us some water when the long hot summer(!) arrives.

We have snow forecast for Sunday night/Monday. Shame as I am back to work on Sunday. Wouldn't it be awful if I got snowed in on Monday and couldn't go to Paris?? *wink*

It is colder again here. Convinced that Salisbury Plain is like a wind tunnel, channeling the Arctic air to this house. It was baltic today. I had to pop into Town to get some fabric for some wedding favours I am making. More of that later.
When I got home, I decided to brave the cold, sow some seeds and do some forward planning for this year's crops. I made perfect little paper pots with newspaper and my 'paper potter'.

24 pots of broad bean! 2 different varieties to see which I like best. Will pick them small and tender, rather than the usual huge beans that taste of nothing.

3 types of potatoes 'chitting' in the shed. 2 main crop and a second early. I have one raised bed and a few potato bags for them. Running out of space unfortunately!

I need to sit down and plan the veggie plot for this year, colouring pencils at the ready. I am planning on planting in the flower borders too, this year. Try a mix and match approach for a change. A real country cottage garden should be planted up like this anyway. A few sweetcorn plants nestled amongst foxgloves and swiss chard with snap dragons, should look lovely. The back garden still needs attention. The lawn is awful, very uneven and poor. Thinking about getting a lawn care company in to have a look and see what needs doing. I would gladly gravel the lot, but Jase likes the grass.

Right, time I sat and chilled out a bit before the fire dies down.

Night night,

C x x x


  1. If your broad beans grow too big, it is worth the effort of slipping the cooked beans out of their tough outer grey skin.

  2. I just love those paper pots, what a great idea. I have just started off chitting the potatoes but your ahead of me on the beans. I hope you have a great new growing season ahead :)

  3. "stuff" - Made me laugh!!! Glad you happier and with you on the cold!


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