Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Courses starting up again....

Well, as it turned out, the snow was so bad in Milan, they cancelled the flight! To say I was upset, would be a lie!!! I came home instead, always the best place to spend the night!

Had 2 more days of work, but wasn't needed, so had a lovely 4 day weekend. It was so cold, that I didn't get much done outside. The chickens were allowed into the veggie garden for a rummage, whilst I did a spot of weeding, but not much else done really.

Am back now from a 3 day trip, nice crew and a lovely dinner - anchovy pizza. Didn't sleep very well, as the pillows are like ryvitas covered in fabric. I'm sure I have mentioned them before? Top it off with a thread bare sheet and a quilt that has seen better days and you get a night of cold feet and restlessness. At least I will be in my own bed tonight.

The fog was horrific in London this morning. We arrived 2 hours late back from Rome. I hadn't realised how thick the fog was, until we hit the runway. It was so dense you couldn't see the ground. *shock*. Anyway, home now and Jase is on stand by at the airport as they cancelled his Barcelona flight. Wonder if he will be home tonight?

Came home to 2 eggs. One from Agnes and the other from Pru who has decided to lay again. Even though her feathers are still tatty and being halfway through her moult. No sign of the others laying yet. They are eating more, but that is probably down to the cold weather.

Big news! Jase's sister is getting married this year! The wedding will be in Scotland, probably in July! *smiles* She has asked me to make the wedding favours for 40! Starting to wonder what on earth I am going to make. Something along the lines of organza bag with a 'filling' I think.

My 'buying nothing new' is going well so far, but it is only day 14! It is easy if you avoid the shops/ebay/amazon and Waterstones on line!!

The Idea Behind It

To go a bit further than just Reduce Reuse Recycle; to help prove you are able to resist the relentless tide of corporate advertising and promotions that are engineered to make you part with your money; to make you examine in close detail what you actually spend your disposable income on in the first place; to further support local shops, food producers and small businesses.

What CAN I buy then?

You can buy anything you like, provided it is second-hand. Better still, borrow it or find it somewhere like Freecycle or a skip!

Are there any exceptions?

There are ALWAYS exceptions.

* Food and drink
* Utility/work clothing
* Medicines and other medical supplies
* Stuff for cleaning (but do try making your own)
* School supplies for children
* Certain essential services like vets, plumbers, mechanics etc
* Things that are essential for your work
* Renewing subscriptions (no new ones)
* Giving money to charity
* Emergency birthday presents

Looks easy doesn't it? No!!! But am really going to try!

I added a couple of chicken courses to the Omlet site this week and have sold 8 places already! 5 booked for this Saturday and another 3 for the week after. I hope it stays dry, don't mind the cold, but a hen course in the rain is miserable! Looking forward to doing the courses again. A chance to meet some nice people and spread the chicken word! People already think I'm nuts, so it's nice to get paid for my obsession!

Couldn't resist a quick picture of Winifred's fluffy bottom!

Cold again tonight, but still above freezing. The fog is rolling in so will have to be up extra early for work in the morning. I find out what they have in store for me at 6pm. 2 more days at work, then the weekend off!

Better go and out my dinner in the oven.

Speak soon

C x x

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  1. Christian I do wonder how you will go with 'no buying' when it comes time for hampers and packing Christmas goodies. You seem to thoroughly enjoy the cooking, collecting (shopping) and giving. This is certainly the easier time of the year to start your quest. Good luck.


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