Monday, February 09, 2009

Anyone got a snow plough?

Good evening everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much this month! The snow hit and caused chaos at work (and home) and haven't been here to update you all.

Lets start at the very beginning (..the very best place to start)*wink* On Sunday I went to work for a Paris and back, the aircraft had a technical fault when we got there and the flight home was cancelled. I had to spend the night in Paris, with no spare pants!! On Monday morning the snow hit Britain and everything went up the creek without a paddle. Britain is not known for coping with any adverse weather, even though there was plenty of warning. The sheer volume was amazing. I received a couple of photo messages from Jase and couldn't believe how bad it was!

I do love the snow and always seem to miss it. The snow was going nowhere in a hurry. The heaviest snow fall in 18 years according to the BBC.

I was stuck in Paris for 4 days, so had to go and buy some clothes/underwear and toiletries. I didn't want to, as it breaks my 'nothing new' rule, but this was an exceptional circumstance!!

When we finally arrived back in the UK on Wednesday, the motorways and A roads were fine and I headed down the A303 for home. Everywhere looked stunning. Miles of fields covered in powdery snow. Enchanting! Took me a couple of attempts to get Mortimer the Mini up the drive, but we got there eventually!! So glad I managed to get home on Wednesday, as it was our 5th anniversary!!

I raced in, put my wellies on and grabbed my camera. Here are a few of my pictures -

Our front garden

The driveway

The veggie garden

I decided to take a walk along the lane and up the hill, to take a picture of the village. A breath taking view (and breath taking effort, trudging up the hill in a foot of snow)!!

I thought that Cornelia laid her first egg the other day, but it turns out Elsbeth was sneaking into the blue eglu to lay her eggs. The only reason I know, is that Agnes and Cornelia were locked in the blue eglu and run yesterday and today, as Jase and I were at work. I came home to 7 eggs. Winifred, Prudence and Elsbeth has produced 4 between them in the orange eglu, with 1 from Agnes and 2 Chestnut brown eggs from Cornelia!!

Really rich, dark brown eggs.

Next to Pru's paler egg for comparison

The weather forecast is bad for tonight. Heavy snow expected, so I will not be going to Milan tomorrow if I can't get down the drive. Not worth risking my neck! Only two more days at work and then a few days off.

Sat here in front of the roaring fire, listening to the wind outside. This month's copy of Country Living was delivered today, so will sit and read that this evening. No TV or other distractions. Me, the fire and a good read. Heaven.

Will speak to you all soon. Wrap up warm and stay safe.

C x x


  1. "These are a few of my favourite things!.....spare pair of pants!

    Christian, your blog is always so heart-warming and funny, I just wanted to say thank you. (The photos are beautiful too)


  2. Gorgeous dark brown eggs! Well done Corny.

  3. Thanks for a blog I could understand, tho' Paris, etc is outside my experience. The snow has gone here leaving much mud but sunny days forcast. If your interrested we can be foun at which should lead you to 'Holy Wilderness' Go with God, Uncle David

  4. From : Mayo

    Glad you're safely back. Was beginning to get concerned.
    Enjoy the snow.
    Congrats on the anniv. Our next one with be our 30th., so you have a way to go!!
    Very best wishes to you both.

  5. you didn't include a pic of your pants!


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