Thursday, January 22, 2009


You ever have one of those days when you feel like crying? I have had a week like it. No idea what is wrong, probably just the strain of the past few weeks. What with 3 days in a classroom, Jase not being well and Mum too. It takes it's toll sometimes. Selfish aren't i? Am going to a friends for dinner. Fish and chips. A healthy option!! Hee hee

I spent 3 days at work training. Once a year we have to go in and practice how to open aircraft doors in an emergency, aviation medicine recap and a 'quiz'. I say quiz, but it is an exam. A pass/fail exam, that you have to pass. No pressure then.

Day 2 was aviation medicine which I usually enjoy. Trouble is, you have to do scenarios on an aircraft with the defib, oxygen etc etc and the noise that the defib makes brought back some horrible memories of that day in August. I was a bit of a state but the trainers were excellent and talked me through it. I hate the way that something that happened 2 years ago, can still feel so recent and bring back the same thoughts.

I am off now until the 1st February, so will busy myself with the house and garden. Lots to do as always. The back garden is in serious need of some attention. Weeding to be done and compost needs spreading. One of the compost bins is ready and the other two need turning. Not my favourite job, but important. It hurts my back doing too much, so think I will do little and often this time round.

Went into Andover today and resisted the urge to go to Waterstones. I am doing very well on my buying nothing new. I don't really need anything at the moment, although I was tempted with a solar powered lantern in the Millets sale. Reduced from £35 to £12.99, but no!! I was good.

Got some veg from the market and food in Waitrose. Managed to pick up a couple of bags of seed potatoes; Kind Edwards as usual and a new variety called Rocket, which is eelworm resistant. The lady in the shop said it was a lovely spud, so I thought I would give it a go!

We got 3 eggs the other day!! Pru decided to lay as did Winifred and Agnes! 2 eggs today, so we are slowly picking up the pace, compared to the one egg a day we have been getting. Elsbeth is now fully feathered and looks like a different chicken. No more brown feathers only a few lovely shades of grey and white. No sign of Cornelia laying yet, she still have a tiny comb, but she will I'm sure. Can't wait until we can start selling eggs again. The chicken money box is decidedly low on funds.

I found several jars of jam in the utility room the other day, plus a large jar of rhubarb vodka that I have 'made'.

Better dash out now. Country lanes to get to Susie's and the temperature is dropping fast. The gritters don't seem to be out this evening, so will take it easy. Edit - I now know why the gritters weren't out. It poured down with rain all night!!

Have a lovely evening everyone!

C x x


  1. Hi Christian,

    So sorry you had a rubbish week - you're allowed to give yourself a bit of sympathy sometimes, you know!

    Take it easy whilst you're off and take care of yourself - you always seem to be worrying about others - a bit of Christian time is wel overdue, I think!

    Take care and relax!

    love Suzanne

  2. Dear Christian,
    Somehow I ended up on your blog after going on the omlet website as a 'new' chicken owner. Just to express how much I enjoyed your blog and look in envy at all your Xmas fayre!
    Stop worrying!


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