Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Too cold for waffles

The day started out at 4.50 this morning when my alarm went off. I haven't been up that early since Father Christmas left me some presents! So glad I covered the windscreen last night. The rest of the car was covered in thick frost. Luckily the gritters had been out in force, so the drive to work was ok. Shame they didn't do the driveway or our road - that was lethal.

By the time I got to work, I had a bad case of jogger's nipple. Strange, as I never jog. It takes a fast moving bus heading my way for me to pick up any kind of pace. Anyway, some things are not best discussed on a blog. Hee hee.

We arrived, here in Brussels, 2 hours late. It is minus 12 degrees C. I am frozen. Luckily I packed my travel hot water bottle and have refilled it 3 times. My legs are slowly thawing out. I couldn't face leaving the hotel, as the roads and pavements were covered in ice and snow and the walk to the waffle stand would have been awful.

I meant to post a picture of one of our Christmas pressies from a friend. It is a cross stitch picture for our house. I love it. It has pride of place in the kitchen.

Thank you Yvonski, it must have taken you ages!!

I am back from Brussels tomorrow and off to Milan, aka the Armpit of Europe, for the night. Weather permitting. Heavy snow is forecast tomorrow, so I might not make it. Shame. Would happily go home and light the fire. Cuddle up on the sofa. Jase says it is minus 9 at home. That's a worry. He has text me already to say the girls are safely tucked up in bed for the night. I do worry about them. I am sure they will be snug as a bug in a rug in the eglus.

The hyacinths I planted for Christmas presents are finally flowering! I couldn't really give them away as when it was time to wrap them, they looked like old onions in a pot!

The house smells lovely! Shame they don't last that long. *Must remember to plant them earlier this year*

Right, up at 3.55 tomorrow morning. Better get some sleep. Hope you are all safe and warm?

C x x


  1. Safe but not so warm, it's hot water bottles a go go!

  2. Hi Christian,
    Hope you don't mind me contacting you this way but I've just bought a book which I thought you would like although it might fuel your Christmas hamper habit a bit!
    Its "Simple Pleasures - edible Gifts for Family and Friends" by Stephanie Evans, Andrew Franks and Susanna Tee, published by Ivy Press. Just reminded me of you!
    I got it for a couple of pounds from The Book People.
    Happy New Year, by the way.
    love Suzanne

  3. Thanks Girls!

    I have that book Suzanne! *wink*

    C x x


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