Thursday, November 06, 2008

A load of old wood.

Decided to make some orange sticks from my new River Cottage Preserves book They were a bit of a faff to be honest, but now they are dry, the taste is wonderful. They don't look all that great at the moment, but will do when bagged up I hope. After a 'half dip' in Chocolate nearer Christmas ,they will be great little extras in the hampers.

We had another log delivery which Jase and I stacked the other day. Should do us for the rest of this year/beginning of next.

I decided to let the new girls out of their run for a wander round. Being the coward I am, I shut the old girls in, so that Agnes and Cornelia could wander in peace. Pru was honking constantly and all four of them were glued to the side of their run watching the interlopers. If chickens can give evil looks, this was definitely the case with my four. Agnes wasn't too keen, but there was no stopping Cornelia! She happily marched around the outside of the run, checking out all the bark and Winifred's lost feathers.

The girls watching Agnes and Cornelia free ranging - not happy! Hee hee

Winifred is looking very white and pink. Her tummy is bare, but the new white feathers are coming through quickly. She hasn't laid an egg in 2 weeks, but that is fine. Between Pru and Elsbeth, who are also moulting, I am getting one egg a day. Not bad as they shouldn't be laying anyway in the Winter. Believe me, it is winter here. Freezing everyday, fire lit every night. Maybe the logs won't last that long?

Blogger is playing up and won't let me upload any more pictures. Shame, as I have been snapping away with my new camera!! Will add some more when I get a chance.

Baked 6 more Christmas cakes this afternoon and had another order for a Christmas pudding and two jars of spiced nuts! They are proving popular. Will weigh out the fruit later and get it soaking in brandy.

Jase went to London today for his CT scan. Now they have that, we should hear about his surgery soon hopefully. The surgeon said late this year, early next. Fingers crossed it is soon. I really hope it is the middle of December so that he is home for Christmas. Wishful thinking.

Cakes are now cooled but that lovely smell of Christmas is still lingering in the kitchen. *smile* I resisted the urge to play Carols this time.

Speak to you all soon, hopefully with more pictures.

C x x


  1. Christian, what a lovely blog - I'd love to know where you got your spiced nut recipe from. Hope Jase is okay and back with you for Christmas.

    love Mrs P in Cheshire

  2. Thanks both of you!
    I have no idea where the recipe came from MrsP! I know Nigella's new Christmas book has a recipe for spiced nuts, but I can't remember where mine is from?? I made it last year, the recipe is on here somewhere!

    C x

  3. Hope Jase is ok - will be thinking of him, and you.


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