Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry, no more autographs.

Hello everyone!!
Back at work after a fantastic week off. I did so much and am very pleased with myself.
We went to Rome for the weekend with Jase's Mum, sister and boyfriend, to celebrate her 60th Birthday! We walked for miles and I now have much flatter feet. Visited the Pantheon, Colosseum, Spanish steps and Trevi fountain. Ate Bruschetta, pizza and pasta OUTSIDE under a patio heater and sampled several cones of pistachio ice cream. My favourite! It was a wonderful weekend and we all had a really good time.

The TV programme that I mentioned a while ago, aired last week. Village Voices featured the local village and I had a 3 minute slot!! As soon as I came on, I headed for the door and sat on the porch cringing. Jase watched it and said it was really good!
The first shot of me holding Winifred was just too much to watch.

The texts and calls then started, telling me it was wonderful viewing. *I have my doubts* Unfortunately, I still haven't heard from Channel 4 offering me my own series! I was recognised by several people the next day and got a hug from the Lady in the paper shop!!! Bless.  The girls in Waitrose all saw it too.

ITV sent me a dvd of the show, so when I can, I will upload it onto youtube and post it here. Time and techno knowledge permitting.

Back down to earth with a bump, I started on decorations for the hampers. Here is a robin I made with my sewing machine pressie from a couple of years ago. Need to get more use out of it.

I made 4 and have another 7 on the go.

The 'wasp man' came over to pick up his Christmas pudding as payment for ridding us of the stripey invaders in the summer. It doesn't look that big, but it will feed at least 12 on Christmas day! I like the finished result. So did he :0)

In Dusseldorf now and the Christmas market started today! I wasn't expecting it to open until next week. I headed downtown on the tram and it brought back lovely memories of when I was little, visiting my Gran in Bremen. I wandered around, soaking up the smells of Christmas. Bought a few little bits for stocking fillers and decorations. Nice afternoon. The Germans know how to do Christmas.

Going to Nice tomorrow, then home again. The girls are fine and we got 2 eggs today. Still moulting, but looking better every week. After this working block I will release Agnes and Cornelia from their run, to mix with the others. Broom in hand, I'll watch them for a while. Am dreading it. Elsbeth has that look in her eye!

Jase has a date for his surgery. The 11th of December. Hopefully he will be out within a week and we can chill out and have a relaxing Christmas.

That's all for now......thanks for reading


  1. Oh Christian, I wasn't really looking forward to Christmas (family politics and all that) until I started to read your blog - you say that the Germans know how to do Christmas - well, so do you! I've now made some plum jam, apple and herb jelly, a big square Christmas cake and reading the River Cottage preserves book! What an influential man you are! Best wishes to Jase for his hospital visit - you two will be back together for Christmas and tucking into your lovely home-made goodies before you know it.
    Sorry for the long post!
    love Suzanne

  2. Thank you Suzanne!

    I hope your Christmas turns out ok too!

    Where did you find my blog? Omlet?

    C x

  3. I am gutted that you didn't warn us in advance when your tv debut was going to be! PLEASE PLEASE post the dvd onto You Tube ASAP!!


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