Saturday, November 08, 2008

My, how they grow.

Today was the day that my new girls grew up. As from today they are now eating layers pellets, not growers pellets anymore. My babies are all grown up! I am so proud.

I chicken proofed the last remaining raised bed with anything in it, to allow them some free range time in the veggie garden.

The spinach and chard should be safe from curious beaks.

I had to go to Camberley this week for a contact lens appointment. 80 mile round trip, but I like going in and browsing the shops. I managed to pick up a few bits for Christmas including a book for me! Oops, that wasn't the idea, but when you see the title you will understand the overwhelming desire to get my wallet out!! It is wonderful and very 'organic'. 'Discover a simpler, greener Christmas'. Lots of fantastic ideas on wrapping, decorations and ideas for a traditional Festive time. My kind of thing.

I am back to work tomorrow at 6.30pm, just a quick Paris for the night. Jase is up at 5am ish for Aberdeen for the night. He went to bed a couple of hours ago. The wind is howling outside and tipping it down. I have the fire lit and thought I would catch up quickly before bed. Get home on Monday and then off to Copenhagen on Tuesday. All day there and can't wait! The shopping is fab, lots of Scandinavian festive bits and bobs. The nearest shopping mall has a massive fabric shop, that I have to visit. Been waiting for weeks to go and will really enjoy it.

Should go to bed now. The fire is dwindling and I plan to get up early.

Thanks for all the lovely comments from everyone. If you have ordered a cake, it will be winging it's way to you soon.

C x x

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  1. Wonderful ladies, and the new camera seems to be performing beautifully.

    The new book looks fascinating, and what an author; do you think I could change my name, or am I too old, and maybe even,the wrong sex.!!

    Bon Voyage and very best wishes to you both.



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