Friday, October 31, 2008

Never ignore a call bell.

Bit of a crappy week really. Flew home from Bucharest on Wednesday and a Lady has a suspected stroke on the flight. I was the one dealing with it and we decided to divert to Frankfurt as she was not doing well at all. We landed and the fire brigade were there in seconds. Stairs on the back of the aircraft and the paramedics were on.

They treated her on board and then took her off to the local hospital. Her husband was such a nice man. He thanked me and made me well up!!!! Big softie that i am. Then he asked the Purser to make an announcement, thanking all the passengers on board and apologising for the inconvenience!! Manners, you see. Even though he was going through the mill with his wife, he still made time to thank everyone. Unbelievable. Bless him.

We took off for London again and landed back 1 1/2 hours late. Didn't matter. Mrs H was being looked after and that was all that mattered. I drove home and the realisation of what had happened hit me. I was a blithering wreck by the time I got home, really quite emotional and soppy!!!

Jase told me to call in and explain that I wouldn't be coming to work the following day, which I did. My manager was very understanding :0)

I spent today cleaning out the runs and generally tidying up the garden a bit. Whilst run cleaning, I let the girls into the veggie garden. I chicken proofed the spinach, chard and strawberries first. I am not stupid. They seemed to enjoy ripping up the weeds, but did surprisingly little damage. They would normally be digging whopping holes in the beds, but they held back today and just descended on the beetroot leaves that I forgot to cover.

If anybody wants a few bags of chicken 'compost' then let me know.

I fitted the corrugated plastic to the old girls' run and it looks really smart. Should keep them dry throughout the winter, whilst still letting light in. We had 2 eggs today. Production has really dropped off, but they are happy. That's the main thing.

A little picture of Winifred

..and one of Elsbeth - you can see her new grey feathers coming through on her head

The leaves are falling thick and fast and I should get the leaf blower out really. Will wait a while and do the lot in one go.

Made beef olives for tomorrow night's dinner, and will make some hobnobs later. The house is freezing again, as the heating was off for most of the day. I was outside in fleece, gloves and a woolie hat, so left it off. Looked very glam. Might light the fire in a bit to warm the place up.

Had a log delivery last night - a double load as I am expecting snow (wishful thinking on my part). After the moving of runs and scraping of bedding into sacks (7 in total) there is no way I am lifting a log for a while. Well maybe the odd one to top up the fire.

Jase found out from someone at work, that the Lady was doing well and was flying back to Glasgow tonight. I am so pleased. I shed a tear when he told me. Soft lad.

Will leave you with a cheery picture of my daisies.

Night night all!

C x x x


  1. Christian you hero! It sounds like you did a sterling job. I hope the recovery day of gardening has calmed your nerves. What a lovely story of kindness and decency all round.

    Anna x

  2. What a day Christian! You did really well, no surprise you felt wobbly afterwards. Well done you! xx

  3. What a star you are Christian. Px


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