Friday, October 10, 2008

The list maker

Eek! It is now Friday and I am nowhere down my list of jobs that I have to do this week. Why the pressure of a list? If I don't make lists I get nothing down. Plus, there is something incredibly satisfying about ticking off the jobs once completed.

I went to a friend's small holding yesterday and picked mountains of crab apples. She wasn't exaggerating when she said she had loads. I picked a tub trug full, plus a carrier bag. They are waiting in the outbuilding for me to get the energy to create something jammy with them. Had a lovely day. :0)

Made 5 more Christmas cakes last night, using the baked bean can method. It works so well, if the tins are lined with baking parchment. Unfortunately only 4 made it to the wrapping stage. Ooops. Well they do contain lots of fruit. Fruit is healthy. That's my excuse anyway. Now to get on with the task of icing. Dreading it.

I have the massive 1.2 litre Christmas pudding steaming away on the stove. It has been simmering for 3 hours so far, only 7 more to go! I hope it cooks ok. I usually make small puds that only take 6 hours or so. This one is payment to the 'wasps nest' man. The fruit has been soaking in a heady mix of brandy, Cointreau and Grand Marnier for a week. The utility room smells wonderful! Had enough mixture left to make a small pudding too. That is also steaming away in my new steamer. *smiles* The lid is gently 'tapping' as the steam escapes. Very therapeutic.

Woke up this morning with a dodgy back again. Too much stretching for crab apples yesterday I think. Will take it easy today. The garden needs some serious attention. The sweet peas are past their best and need pulling up, lots of weeding to do and hundreds of bulbs to plant, but it will have to wait. My back can't take it at the mo.

The office looks like an explosion in a Christmas factory. I have bits and bobs everywhere and do need to sort through it all. I have been so organised with Christmas shopping this year. Been squirreling things away for months, buying nik naks that I can use to add to hampers, odds and sods that will adorn the presents and now I have absolutely no idea what I have. Typical. Paper bags full to bursting and not the foggiest what is in them all. Will have a big sort out in my next part time week in November.

Elsbeth is still the chicken that won't lay. I have had a Winifred egg this morning and left Prudence on the nest 10 minutes ago. I let them free range on the lawn for a bit. They seem to enjoy ripping out the moss from our less-than-perfect bowling green (!) lawn. I am watching Elsbeth like a hawk as she is always plotting to try and get through the netting. I can see her eyeing up the pumpkin plant!!

The eglus were cleaned out yesterday, but could do with a blast from the pressure washer. Will rig up something from chicken wire to stop the new girls escaping while I give their eglu a good clean up.

Beautiful blue sky today and the old girls are outside, wings akimbo, soaking up the sun. I never tire of watching them.

The veggie garden is a site too. The runner beans are still going strong as are the courgettes. The tomatoes are more or less finished, along with the sweetcorn - appalling crop. 2 cobs. Won't bother next year. So much weeding to do and planning for the spring. What I like doing best. Will get the colouring pencils out and draw a plan!!

Judging by the sound of Pru "bok-boking" outside, I think we have another egg. Better pop out and check....!

C x x

Edit - update - after 12 1/2 hours the pudding is done!!! Never again. Ever. Well maybe next week. *wink*

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  1. We had a pathetic corn crop too - I think it was too wet this year and this may have affected the pollination. Two years ago we had a fantastic crop - until the deer discovered it, that it! Don't give as home-grown sweetcorn that is picked and put straight into the pot is soooo delicious!


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