Sunday, October 26, 2008

The evenings are drawing in......

Well my camera epic with ebay is over. They emailed me to say there was a problem with the delivery - or they didn't get the amount they wanted more like! I bit the bullet and bought a brand new one from Jessops in town. A Canon eos 1000 D. Means nothing to me, but I know it is wonderful. The picture quality is superb! I am really happy with it. Just need the rain to stop, so I can get out and take some more pictures.

A bad one of Agnes -

.....and Cornelia!

I made a few Christmas cakes a few weeks ago and decided to try my hand at icing for the first time. After boiling up apricot jam, rolling out marzipan (yuck, can't stand the stuff) and smoothing down fondant icing, I was quite impressed with the results!

And small baked bean can size!

........a jar of Christmas salt!

and a bottle of honeyed fig vinegar!

One of more 'rustic' looking Christmas cakes -

We went out to Wickes and picked up some sheets of corrugated plastic to cover the Girls' runs for the winter. It can get really wet out there and the plastic should keep the aubiose bedding dry and fresh. Just need to give them a thorough clean out and add the new roofing. Not a pleasant job at the best of times.

I pulled up the last of the runner bean,tomato and courgette plants yesterday. The veggie garden is looking decidedly bare. Once I have protected the winter spinach and chard from marauding beaks, I will let the Girls in there to free range. They will love it in there. Lots of raised beds for dust baths and several slugs,worms and snails to munch on! I do love the winter, but it is a shame to tuck the garden up for a well earned sleep.

The clocks went back last night so the countdown to Christmas is officially on, in this little cottage! Jase and I organised Christmas pressies today and took stock of what we have and what we still need to get. The hampers are filling up nicely though. I wish I was getting one! Such a shame though, as the Girls were in bed by 5pm.

I joined a new website this week too green metropolis You list any books you want to sell and they send you the address of anyone that wants to buy them. I have sold a book already! Just need to resist the urge to buy from the site.

I will leave you now with my favourite picture taken yesterday with my new camera (not sure if I mentioned that yet)? Hee hee.

"I haven't done my make up yet"


  1. Christian - if that's your first effort at icing xmas cakes - you're a genius. They look fantastic. The good think about not liking the ingredients is that you'll never put on weight!

  2. Hi Christian, you have been tagged! Read my blog and all will be revealed!
    Snowy x


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