Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Autumn Fashion

Just realised that my dates are all to pot. I started writing my blog on the 17th and didn't get round to publishing it. The blog entry above was for yesterday the 21st of October. *rolls eyes* I am losing the plot I think. What do you mean losing ?? Ok, lost.

No delivery today *sobs* I really want that camera asap, as it will make me feel better I'm convinced.

Made a huge cottage pie, and several batches of chilli for the freezer. Christmas cake is in the oven. I have tried to sit down and chill out, but can't. My head is sore, but worse if I stop. The dripping nose is most attractive too.

The girls have had their treat bowls. Gave them a good clean out this afternoon. Pru is always the first to inspect the eglu after it has been done. I think she is as addicted as me to the smell of red mite powder *oops*

Still blimmin' freezing out there. Time to fish out my 'market trader' fingerless gloves. Those, a pair of wellies and chicken poo down my front are this seasons must haves.

It is now 17.40, so have given up hope of the delivery van for today. WIll be pacing at the window at 8am tomorrow. Hope it is a cold again *means I can light the fire early*

Right, jacket potato and chilli for dinner. An open fire and the tv on for once. Feel like snuggling up with a hot water bottle (she is called Flossy as she is a sheep) - yes, I know I am 34!! A swig of night nurse and then bed.

C x x x

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  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather Christian xxx


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